Official Pokemon Go Thread!!!

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do you play Pokemon go

Yes 39 vote(s) 62.9%
No 21 vote(s) 33.9%
No let me download it 2 vote(s) 3.2%
  1. My buddy brought me gifts :)
  2. Oh my gosh during the Abra Community Day my buddy was bringing me 50+ pokeballs every half hour
  3. What kind of 'buddy'? Is this just a friend of yours (probably two separate people), or a gameplay mechanic? :p
  4. A gameplay mechanic.
  5. Anyone buy and use the remote raid passes for 1 coin in the pokeshop ? I bought it but haven't used it yet. From what I can tell the gym that has a raid must be in view on the map from where your avatar is at but you don't need to be next to the gym.
    It's a cool pass if you happen to be in a downtown setting and see 9 raids happening and can choose which one to battle from a far but if you're at home and no gym is in sight on the map the pass really does not do a thing.
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  6. I’m my town nobody raids. I tried to do a raid by myself but I couldn’t beat it. So I would say you gotta live in a downtown area to actually use it
  7. I have a gym right at the entrance of my neighborhood, and so I use the remote passes to see how many people there are whenever there's a 4 or 5 star raid. Not only does it save me waiting for 45 mins, but it also helps ensure that I don't go down there only to not have other people show up.
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  8. I live in a college ghetto and can only see 2 gyms from my apartment, still have been doing at least 1 remote raid a day since the release
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  9. Just got a ~1700 CP shiny mewtwo from completing the Kanto throwback challenge research. The IVs aren't great, but it's nice to finally have a good psychic attacker that's stronger than my 1500 CP alakazams.
  10. This is a fanshelderistic time :D
  11. I keep forgetting about spotlight hours so I had the exact same thing happen to me last week with pidgeys and I was hecka confused
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  12. I thought there was some sort of shielder lure of something :p
  13. Seedot community day! I caught 169 and got 5 shinies, along with about 200k experience. Right after the community day, I was able to jump into a remote Terrakion raid and catch the darn thing, so today's been a good day. :p
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  14. How was everyone elses Magikarp day?

    Friend code is 9268 1633 9294 btw, I don't believe I've posted in this thread before. I need that ultra friend xp :p
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