Official Pokemon Go Thread!!!

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do you play Pokemon go

Yes 45 vote(s) 64.3%
No 23 vote(s) 32.9%
No let me download it 2 vote(s) 2.9%
  1. There are two methods for catching. The standard method requires you to watch an animation where the ball shakes 3 times after you throw and before the catch, and that method can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. There's also a method of quick catching where you can leave the encounter as soon as you throw, which can take it down to 5 seconds per catch.

    Given that the event is 6 hours long, a few hundred catches isn't unreasonable. There are some people I know who made over a thousand catches.
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  2. Add me if you haven’t. 4114 2749 5045
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  3. Just managed to beat this year's world champion in Go Battle League 🎉
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  4. I just got into Pokemon Go a couple weeks ago. I've been a fan of pokemon since gen 4 but I was never able to get this game, when it exploded in popularity, due to having a terrible phone that didn't support it. I got a new phone a few months ago and recently bit the bullet and downloaded it. I'm enjoying it so much!

    Here's my trainer code if anyone wants to add me, I go by SuperSlowLord ingame: 2246 0055 0108
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  5. Glad to hear you're still getting to enjoy it, so many years later! :D
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  6. hey! A Pokemon GO thread!

    I've been playing Pokemon GO since July 2016; don't play a whole lot, mainly just raid. Currently a Lead Moderator on a very large Discord Pogo community. My tops are Shiny Mewtwo, Shiny Heatran and Shundo Machamp. Currently sitting with 99 legendary, 82 shiny, 931 in my inventory after cleaning out.
  7. I'm not reading this whole thread. I'll ignore it like I did all of 2016-2021. I joined Go in 16 but stopped playing shortly. My friends got me back into it a month ago.
    I'd love to talk about the last month of mine and if anyone has any good advice for me.
    My friend code for now is 7778 9387 0358 if you wanna trade gifts.
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  8. That looks like a referral code, your friend code should be a 12 digit number
  9. Edited with actual number this time. oops
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  10. Glad to add friends
    5877 4179 2403
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  11. I had a Pokémon once.... but I couldn't get him to GO!

    Good luck rhy
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  12. Silph Arena is the main (and prior to this past year, only) organization that runs Pokemon Go pvp tournaments. Each year-long season has 8-10 monthly cups where different types or species are allowed to be used. Afterwards, players who did well enough during the regular season get to compete in regional tournaments, then the winners go to the continental championships, and the winners of that go to the world championships!

    As an example of one of the monthly metas, this was the first cup we had this season:
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  13. Interesting!
    Well, good luck and enjoy. :D
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  14. I made it to the finals, they're being broadcast live next Saturday at noon EMC time 👀
  15. Wow, congrats! That's exciting. :D I put it in my agenda. :)
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  16. Don't forget to watch, guys!
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  17. Rhy is up against the third best player in the world rn, an absolute legend

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  18. indeed
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