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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Krysyy, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. first of all, let me start out with apologizing for posting so late. I was away for a awhile and just now saw the thread. IN A MORE HAPPY NOTE! my little heart has never been so excited to be back. I was just smiling like an idiot seeing everyone who's met, who's dating, who I haven't seen in years.. all of it. this year is not over, but it definitely was not the easiest nor the best. I'm not going to get personal, not the place, but returning back has helped me meet new people, reconnect with my old friends (thank you Gray for deciding to return out of the blue and Taylor for being the best friend I wish to always have) and really help me personally through issues and difficult situations. I love this place with all of my 5'2 tall person heart, and can't thank it enough for my long term friendships I've made and still have to this day. as of the beginning of 2020 I will be almost or be over 4 years old on the server and it's crazy to think how I've grown as a person and "look" wise too. on that note, I'll shut up and show you what my 2019 show yourself picture is.. (its also crazy to me that I was lucky enough to be in one of the banners.. so cool okay sorry haha) here's to another year of gaming nerds :)

    always buckle up kiddos

    - xoxo, Kirsten

    (also if any of you want to get married on EMC, I got church on SMP8.. hit me up)
  2. Also one of my favorite pieces. In about a month, I'll be uploading my performance (which is in a month) of Etude Op. 10 No. 3 (by Chopin) to my channel, and I'll post that here when I do. :)
  3. Howdy! Back on the 9th of September, I teased about the possibility of joining all of you fine looking folks here with some self-doubt. I figured y'know, it's about time, so why not. So we'll start with this and go from there. This is the most current photo I have, which was taken the week before last on the 24th. I know it's not much to go on, but at least it gives you a sense of who I am. Cheers!

  4. Looks like my backyard! lol
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  5. Nice! I remember a few weeks ago I went UTVing in WV at Hatfield and McCoy the trails were cool
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  6. What do you ride?
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  7. I drive a Honda Crf230f
  8. Noo yoou doon't!:D You Ride a Honda CRF230F
    Had to do it.:D
  9. I've been growing out my hair a bit.. it started to look like I had a mullet... so I got a haircut!

  10. RIP mullet

    someone had to say it lol
  11. I was wondering what 'mullet' meant...

    Well, that doesn't help at all..! (Dutch might be strange sometimes but not usually that strange)
    After looking at some Wikipedia pages (the Dutch page is called 'matje', which is a term I have heard, good! ;)), starting a Discussion page and then abandoning it, I think I know what it is, though. :p And I see what you mean, now!
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  12. Here's the best example I could find in less than 10 seconds..... I really did not want my hair to look like that :eek:

    Fun fact, my dad had a hairstyle fairly similar to this in the 80s when it was cool.... we still tease him for it.
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  13. *gives mullet back to harp*
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  14. Yeah well, that one's on Wikipedia. ;)
    I don't mind it, though!
    Besides, it would probably look different on you, as you are female. ;)
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  15. :eek: A post, from me? What is this nonsense??

    Well, anyway recently went on a trip to London and did many things! Including a climb on top of the O2 Arena.
    Should fill my yearly quota for taking photos of myself :cool:

    Further photos here:
  16. Where's your rainbow hair?!
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  17. You could say that they "forgot" ;)
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  18. I was today years old when I realized my sunglasses are in the E, in Minecraft, in the title!!! Awww, thanks EMC =)
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  19. Why are they not on your face?
  20. i tried to smile for the photo but honestly this shot looked better hahaha. also DISNEY PANDORA SHIRT THAT PARK WAS AMAZING I RODE FLIGHT OF PASSAGE IT WAS GREAT

    I've returned from the depths of school to emc! I couldn't get this photo angle to look decent while smiling, so here's my serious face. I'm already getting back to work anyway:

    ...and as usual the lighting made this photo fuzzy. darnit

    I'll post another (smiling) photo soon! I'm nearing the end of my ortho treatment so my teeth are looking much nicer!
    my current brace color is orange, next month is going to be blue or while (or both) for the holidays :)
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