Ob1's 600 day AMA Give Away Extravaganza

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  1. Immortality. I fear death not because I will die, but because of the things I will not live.
    :( I did have a pet dog named Girly. She was a very spoiled, very sweet princess, half boarder collie, half pit-bull. She passed last year from bone cancer at the same time Tinkerbell was diagnosed. Of course that was a very sad time for me but I can't help but to think that in some way it helped us to transition the kids and helped explain to them what their mom was about to go though.
    Well, when I first got the game, I created a server that day. Myself, Jwayland and Jedeyenite played on it for about a month. It was fun at first, but I wanted more interaction with people so I looked for a public server. I first tried a pvp server and after getting slayed for five minutes strait at spawn, I made a break for it. I ran for 7 ingame days, none stop. I saw a pretty little pound by a hill, dug in the side of the mountain, placed one torch on the wall, turned around saw a flash of diamonds, swoosh, I was dead.
    So, I went back to the list of servers and read some comments. Found one that said NO PVP and said "Yes Please"
    If my memory recalls, and you mods can correct me if I am wrong, but I liked it so much, I became a diamond supporter that same day and haven't canceled since.
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  2. 7 please. ^_^

    Do you like potatoes?
  3. I am grown so technically I am a rotten potato.
    I do. I order it on everything. My typical McDonalds order= Quarterpounder with bacon, McChicken with bacon and a Fish Fillet with Bacon.
    I'm partial to the one that built a cathedral in my honor......
    Real Pandas - I don't know, every time I go to the zoo they hide.
    Cartoon Pandas - Jack black is the worst actor ever, but yeah Po's cool.
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  4. What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? 38
  5. any free number, please. =D haha

    What is YOUR meaning for life? o.0
  6. I can't remember the real name but it was something that the Cow created with some help form others. There were four teams and one person stood up on a balcony and tried to hook sheep in the middle. The other person was down below egging them when they got close enough. Kind of like hungry hungry hippo but with fishing pools, egging, and sheep. Anyone know if the arena is still around?
    Why thank you. We have the res next to it and will have a horse shop on it, as well as a race track that will be on both reses, kind of crossing the road a few times. Oh, and ImParanoid is behind us and he is making a windmill and cow farm, all fitting into the theme I think. And the silo is a secret, it's just for looks, wink wink.
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  7. Ya, I only know Jack Black as Po, and Kung Fu Panda is awesome. I love pandas and dragons, and this movie is about a panda who becomes the Dragon Warrior (This movie was perfect for me!). I love both because real pandas, especially cubs, are cute!
  8. Truthfully:
    1. Mixed Berry
    2. Pumpkin
    3. Chart
    4. Apple - not that cobbler or crumb stuff either
  9. Uhm since my number was taken I'll pick 53.
  10. 63 and my question is: How many rupees you have?
  11. What is your favorite thing to do in minecraft?

    Congrats on 600 days!

    #27 please!
  12. 81 please and what is your favorite: symbol,letter, and number on your computer keyboard?
    Ill tell you mine :p $,6,B
  13. 46, What would it take to make you quit EMC?
  14. I'm sorry to hear that bob :( I bet girly was a great dog and hopefully tinker bell gets well soon. :)
  15. 44, and is pikachu your favorite dinosaur?
  16. 32 pl0x and, if u were to chose a number, which would it be?
  17. Yes, mashed, not to creamy, with butter, a little bit of shredded Munster cheese, bacon, and chives on top.
    Well, I thought I was a tough guys and could handle some mild anesthesia from having my wisdom teeth removed so I scheduled the surgery and planned on working later that day. I had a co-worker pick me up since by law they couldn't let me drive. Let's just say I was really miss-informed about the effects. She brought me to my office where I laid on the couch in the lobby area. We had a class that day and a bunch of Jr Managers came in for training and walked passed me. Apparently there was a lot of fun and games at my expense before they drug the couch with me on it into an office to slobber on myself in peace until a friend came and took me home. I still fear that someone will bring up something else I said during that whole ordeal.
    It varies from day to day. Let's say somewhere between 400,00 and 700,000 at any given time. But a mans worth is not measured in rupees alone, its how many cells are in his iron farm! :p
  18. I would like to have the number 26 ob1bob! Thanks for the giveaway, knowing you, the winner is going to be super lucky. Thanks for your generosity. :)

    Now onto my question, do you have play an instrument, I don't know what grade you're in, but I'm guessing high school? College? Adult? I didn't look at your profile so I have no way of knowing. :p
  19. i don't need a number, but I do have a question! Will you m...........? :) ha! way to put a guy on the spot! Love you boo boo bear!
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  20. 89, please! :)
    What is the "Ancient Chinese Secret" about how to kill the wither? O.0
    Boo boo bear? lol