Ob1's 600 day AMA Give Away Extravaganza

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  1. 17 please, congrats and how did you meet tinker? IF you dont feel like answering or feel its to personal you dont have to answer :)
  2. Congrats! 2, please. How do you feel about sharing your name with both Bob the Builder and Bob the Tomato?
  3. 28 How long have you been working at your job
  4. 37, Do you think EMC is too easy or too hard?
  5. 12 please, congrats on 600 :)

    If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
  6. First of all, Congratulations! and 69 please!

    second of all, do u have a pet? if so, whats its name?
  7. Congrats bob on your 600th day on Emc.

    How did you find Emc and your first reaction to the server?

  8. No
    I think I like one of their songs, just not sure of it.
    Yes, though I am saddened that they cant be cuddled with for fear of death and dismemberment.
    I would say the creation and testing of the Sheep Fishing game thingy.
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  9. 37, when you grow up do you wanna be a potatoe
  10. Sheep Fishing? What is that?
  11. 45 do u like bacon
  12. Yes, lol. Those were the days. 10101 for the win. I can't believe how many transactions per minute you can run out of a long cobble hallway of a shop. For those of you that don't know it, I originally dominated server 5 during its infancy, IMO. thecontroller aint got nothing on this.
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  13. 74 - Who's your favorite paranoid person?
  14. I would say South Park, Good Eats, How it's Made
    I'm thinking pogo stick?
    I think we all know that, Diamond.
    why yes, I started another wild base some where 500,000 blocks out but more recently Tink and I are working on a little horse farm.
  15. 41 please! If that's taken, 64. If that's taken, just tell me, I'll try picking something else. And congrats on 600 days! And your question, do you love pandas?
  16. Hmm, I got the game about a month before I joined EMC so December of 2011?
    That's a weird one. Growing up, I always had nicknames with bob in it some way, like Snoop Bobby Bob or the Notorious B - O - B, but at some point I got into star wars and ob1bob was born. The 69 came from my obsession with math as a kid. My b-day was 3/3, lucky number being 3, so I squared then cubed it. Way before I found out about the other thing, mind you.
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  17. Well... at the time I was a district manager of a popular pizza chain and she was promoted to a General Manager and transferred to one of my stores. Now we know who the real boss is these days of course.
    I don't mind at all. In fact, I am called Bob the Builder at work all the time. Big fan of his "Can do" attitude.
    Boooo, I expected a better question from you sir. 13 years
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  18. 42 please! (if taken give me 23)

    And what's your favorite type of pie! :D
  19. Well, that depends in what aspect you are looking at it. As for general gameplay, it's easy, just prepare yourself for what you are about to do. It's a game, with things that try to kill you, that's their job, and sometimes they will succeed. No need to cry or rage or be sad because you were unrepaired or not as skilled as the average player. Move on, and learn from whatever situation got you killed. Not much skill in Diggy Diggy, Stacky Stacky.
    When one starts delving into the more complicated side of the game, like mega structures and efficiency farms, it gets hard. Not because of the game itself, but because of the ever changing physics and rules that define the game. Hard is stomaching logging back in and getting motivated to play after something you spent 100+ hours creating gets destroyed from a little tweak. Oh EMC, she's a cruel mistress.
  20. Went and visited this, it is a wonderful creation, can't wait to see how you finish it up! I especially loved the sugarcane silo.