Ob1bob Claus' Xmas Give Away

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ob1bob69, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. So, I thought I would get in the mood for X-mas by having my own give away. While I would love to give each and every one of you beacons, and or coal, I am a tad short on them for a few more weeks. So, here's the plan.

    On 12/25/12 I will visit all 10 of the servers. At each server, I will /v random until I find an access chest with my name on it. I will then place in a beacon and move to the next server. Simple as that, just make sure the chests are visable from your res spawn locations so I don't miss it.

    Merry X-mas everyone! :p
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  3. You will be typing /v random for quite a while.
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  4. just save yourself the trouble on utopia... /v 5224 ;)
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  5. Typing /v random and then being told you don't have move perms.
    I've actually had that happen lol.
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  6. I know, hopefully my fingers don't fall off from typing it over and over. I will probably bump a few times so people see this, but if i don't find chests after a long while then I will just start throwing them at people lol.
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  7. You won't need to have to type it each time.
    You can press up to cycle through your chat history.
    So once you have typed it once, press T, Up arrow, enter.
  8. Would it not be simpler to have people submit their name for a pool, then use a random machine to pick one residence from each server?

    You could even put off telling them who it selected and make it a surprise.
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  9. For one thing he would need 10 different lists, and then when people put their name forward he would have to find out their server and put them in the right lists.
  10. Unless they jsut tell him what server they are on?
  11. Nope, cause then I would have to do work collecting data, organizing it, getting a RNG and all that. My way, I get to check out reses I havn't seen yet, and only requires me to spam t,up,enter. I don't know who you think I am, but making lists, and checking them twice...... not gonna happen :p
  12. And what about the ten seperate lists?
  13. What about them?
  14. You should stream video for each different server, and let people watch as you stumble across each chest.
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  15. This is a good idea.
  16. It would get very confusing, how would you suggest dealing with that?
    But anyway, this post pretty much puts an end to the suggestion
  17. I do not understand how you think a list of names can be confusing. but menial tasks can be taxing to people, i suppose?
  18. oooh do i get one??????
  19. You, sweetheart, can have whatever you want.