Now running MC 1.2.4

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 24, 2012.

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    Empire Minecraft is now running Minecraft 1.2.4 on all servers. It is now safe to update your game. Thanks for your patience everyone, my goal is always to update as fast as safely possible. I don't have much more to say, so here is 150 free rupees, must be claimed within 48 hours: click to claim
  2. Free stuff! :D
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  3. So cool you have updated the servers so soon

    And Crazy beat me to it
  4. We should be the ones giving you rupees since your doing all this for us lol, but seriously thank you for everything you and the rest of the staff do for this community! I, personally, couldn't ask for a better staff :)
  5. Epic as always.
  6. Wow nice update speed, thanks for working so fast :)
  7. Lol we thought that it would take until Monday to do 1.2.3, but have that AND 1.2.4 done by saturday! Lol nice Justin!
  8. Justin has 4 clones working for him. Remember? :p
  9. Much Thanks! <3
  10. Lol that was fast.
  11. Great job Justin, you're the best Super Admin that a server could ever have ;)
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  12. This was mostly a bug fix update, nothing huge changed, that helped it be so fast. Don't take this as a commitment to have bigger updates in the future so fast haha
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  13. It is great to have the Bukkit team working for Mojang because now they can update the core game and allow themselves to develop the server software much quicker as well. :)
    Yay for simplicity. ;)
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  14. yayayayaya
    is this a bukkit server??
  15. Great! I can't wait to get back to my home...Once I find a way out of the brand, new wilderness of course lmao
  16. You could at least have waited for MCP. The list of client mods that are ready for 1.2.4 and are usable here is:

    End of list

    No OptiFine, no MiniMap, nothing. Vanilla client is all.
  17. Yes

    and also they added new wood and sandstone :D
  18. lol can never please everyone

    people complain update takes too long, then not long enough.
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  19. I was here BEFORE Crazy! There were no posts at all when I got my :p
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