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  1. Ever wanted to join a group of services and get paid rupees for it? Have you ever wanted to volunteer for something that will be epic and worth it in the future? Then Deluxe Incorporated is for you!

    Now hiring Members of the empire for jobs:

    Rupees are worth 300-400 everyday when at work. Pay Day is every friday. You have to work to earn rupees.

    Least minimum wage a day: 150(due to nonindustrial work and lack of effort. No rupees is added if you didn't help that day.)

    Perms for employees consist of the use and move flag.*

    *Container and build are only given when needed. Abuse of the perms act will result in a ban from all services and future services along with the privilege to go on any Deluxe Incorporated owned property.

    Deluxe Incorporated is a company that owns many services throughout the empire. Our goal is to get more players joining and earning more rupees to start there own shops. We are currently working on making more and more, and get more people jobs and rupees for doing stuff the love. Below shows the services we currently have.

    Services: (new services get added to the list.)

    The Golden Project. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-golden-project.30372/

    WND Building Supplies. [closed] http://empireminecraft.com/threads/wnd-building-supplies.26696/

    Empires Got Talent. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/empires-got-talent-egt.28146/

    SMP8 Outpost Town Economy. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-united-empires.31784/

    Super Elite Squad Group and Shop(builders wanted). http://empireminecraft.com/threads/super-elite-squad-eleeet.31437/

    We hope we got you the job you wanted! If you would like to join Deluxe Inc., PM wisepsn and Defluxer for information!

    Main Hub thread for Deluxe Incorporated.

    Deluxe Incorporated
    Deluxe Inc. is a company 
    that makes many services, 
    such as The Golden Project
    and WND Building Supplies.  
    PM wisepsn and Defluxer
    for information.
  2. when will the EGT happen?
  3. It will be postponed to a later date.
  4. when is this later date for EGT?
  5. Super Elite Squad added.
  6. TBD. And after determined TBA. :p
  7. Bump! Added more information.
  8. You should have made me a judge for EGT :mad:
  9. The judges can always be changed, just not likely. For a year date on when EGT will come, I estimate about this summer in 2014 ish.
  10. Dragon tombs will be done by then :(
  11. Bump! :)

    I am busy with everything right now, i am doing like 3 things at a time, and preparing for DTombs. This will be on hold. It might not be in the summer, it could be early 2014.
  12. Nothing to prepare for except a group :p
    It's been said that armor will be supplied, but it hasn't been determined what type of armor :)
  13. Bump. We are working on a new mega shop on SMP1. Stay tuned. Also for those wondering, EGT will be coming 2014.