The United Empires

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  1. Welcome to the Official United Empires thread! (Upcoming SMP8 Wilderness outpost)

    The United Empires will be taken a group of players on to the land of SMP8 to go to unloaded 1.7 chunks, building town economy and farms and living a great life on SMP8. This will also add interesting news and politics to our wilderness lives, as well as it will let you meet new people.

    To join, sign up by copying the box below. We are now accepting applications. PM Wisepsn for more information about the website and applications.


    Minecraft IGN:

    What skill/can you do to benefit this outpost?

    Have you ever been banned?
    If so, why and how were you banned?

    The United Empires is also looking for business and great leaders to guide our way. The United Empire will be a democracy country letting our citizens choose the decisions and deserving justice. We are also planning to add new things like a court to stop negative disputes.

    So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a application today! Builders and miners HIGHLY recommended.

    Pictures coming soon.

    The Constitution and Amendments:
    Coming soon.

    Keep in mind
    • Don't accuse rule-breakers in these forums - that should be done privately with a staff member from this list.
    • Before revealing the coordinates of an outpost, please take it up with the founder and/or owners beforehand. Sometimes outpost founders want to keep their creations private, please respect that.
    • Do not overlook/abuse any EMC rules.
    • Do not namecall or argue on this thread. Further inappropriate arguing will result in EMC punishment/outpost punishment. If you are discussing, please keep it in a family manner. It is okay to dispute, but do not use insult, vulgar, and/or rudeness.
    Economy Outpost. All town economy paid by Deluxe Incorporated.
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  2. Reserved for future posting.
  3. Best of luck with your outpost, wise! Wrem would be very happy to work with The United Empires in the future
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  4. Yes please, once I am done with this smp8 outpost I will expand to smp9 and maybe join you guys there. :)
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  5. Just finished up making the 2 way portal, now I am building the transportation. If you are a member and your skill was builder, you are free to join me! :)
  6. New News:

    All players that have submitted an application are being sent into a custom private message via emc forum. This will tell you how to get to the base.


    For november we are going to start ranks and a money system, so we will soon give information to become treasure, rep president, mayor of towns, and etc. We will be taking a poll on the official website below home on what money system we should use.

    Every month will mean something. November will be National Government month. December is where we will exchange gifs via chests, and etc. Be sure to read the website every day to see new information added! Thank you! :)
  7. Transportation will most LIKELY be done before halloween. I have found good land for the outpost. If your skill was miner, builder, redstone engineer, or etc, please come help me. The Outpost buildings and city hall will be done this weekend. We will start making everyones houses and start the towns elections.

    Thank you.
  8. Bump. You can sign up a application on this page now.
  9. I might be interested in joining wise can u please pm me more info
  10. Bump. We need founders for the outpost, and please help me build parts of the outpost. I died to a momentus again after trying to get to the place, this time with my god armour. I am extrmely annoyed.
  11. Can u add me to a convo with info about it?
  12. I did..
  13. Would love to join!
    entered my application on the site!
  14. Awesome. I will make more INFO asap in the future about the coords and everything. :)
  15. I thought I might join! I sent in my application a while ago, except I didn't come as I was slightly busy then. Happy to join now :)
  16. Can I get some more information please?