Empire's Got Talent #EGT

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  1. If you guys have heard of the show America's Got Talent, then you know what this is about.

    Me and a couple of friends have thought of one of the best ideas for the end of the summer. This is what will happen.

    We will take admissions for judges next month and special guests. There will be 4 judges. Then after 2 months we will start taking admissions for people that want to show there talent. The judges will have to see if they like there talent, and then they will either choose if they go to NYC or not, and then thats how it starts. There can also be tickets for seating. We are gonna make this a big event, so we are working on utopia. The prize is still to be determined.

    Right now we are just taking admissions for judges. Please PM GotFreshCookies and I(Make sure you add GotFreshCookies) and we will decide if you are 'worthy' or not.

    We will post up to date information on more about this event soon in the future.

    Host - GotFreshCookies

    Maker of Event - wisepsn

    Make sure you donate a few rupees. Residence info coming soon. We will also be taking auditions for residences that will be used for the events. There will be 5 events, every event going to a new residence.
  2. I like the idea, 1000r donated to you :)
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  3. I can supply an empty res if needed...? :)
  4. More about the event:

    You guys may be wondering, what kind of talents can you do? There is a whole bunch. Maybe, you could make a house in under 1 minute. Or make a awesome redstone machine. Or you could even jam out will noteblocks underground(must be made by you.) There is a lot of talent that is on empire, so I want to show it all!
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  5. I can record the event :)
  6. This is a very nice idea :)

    I'll see if I can get my res to a good point so that you can use it for one of the events :)
  7. Information on Residences:

    If you would like your residence to be used, your residence must have the both 2 things.

    A red walk carpet for the judges, and a line for the people going to watch EGT outside.

    You need a big auditorium, one for people watching, one for the stage, and one for the judges stage. Every res donation that is excepted gets a prize.
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  8. I have a unused slightly outdated res on smp4 that has a arena and can be slightly adapted to meet your conditions. The res no. is 9008 if you want to take a look :p
  9. I like this idea. I might donate a bit soon/apply for judge.
  10. already applied for judging:) also, I may donate some towards prizes or something
  11. Well then my res can't be used.. Oh well
  12. I set up a stage just for this :) Check it out at 5234 on utopia, in the far right corner from spawn :)
  13. Big yes! Make sure you tell lots of peoples about EGT. We will soon be making a code for peoples to put in there signatures so everyone knows. :D
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  14. I hope this turns out good! ;)
  15. Still didn't get a reply to my week old PM about this :p