The Golden Project

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  1. The Golden Project

    Welcome to the new project! The Golden Project. With the latest snapshots, I have noticed that you can do amazing stuff with it. One being HUGE portals.

    Portals now spawn zombie pigman around them. We can make huge gold gold farms. The gold farms even work in the wild, so we won't have problems with ghasts ruining everything. (Only if a ghast goes through a portal and comes to the wild, but this is rare.) So this is what I want to do.

    I need support and a couple of donations to help with this project. If I get enough before 1.7, I can start bulding everything so when 1.7 comes out, I can have helpers help me make this amazing project. (The portals won't work I don't think.)

    If you would like to donate, PLEASE COMMENT the amount of rupees/items you would like to give. It will be hard for me to keep track on every single person that has given me rupees.
    Items we need: Obsidian, redstone related items, water buckets, glass, stone brick blocks.

    If we make everything work and get enough rupees, I will be allowing a few pick of players to help me make the project. It is okay if you just take 2 minutes to at least do SOMETHING, because we need as much volunteers as we can get.

    Job / Business
    To make sure everything goes smoothly and good, I will be allowing to jobs(rupees involved.)

    Griefer Security: If you can stay at the portal for 1 or 2 hours, (getting gold and NOT being AFK[only if allowed to, or I give you a pass]), you can sign up to be security. Hopefully with security we can stop most griefers, and make sure the machines are not being touched. This can encourge to the players that they are safe and no pvpers/griefers can take advantage of them.

    Testers: The day after the portals are finished, I will need a few players to test the portals and make sure everything is working.


    The plan is we make the deluxe portals in Utopia, and make smallers portals on other smps. Smp1 will be a medium, and all others we be a small. (This is the plan, it can be changed anytime.

    Deluxe Incorporated.*(Interested in joining Deluxe Inc.? PM Wisepsn and Defluxer.)
    *Deluxe Incorporated owns WND Supplies, Empires Got Talent, and The Golden Project.
  2. Why only SUPPORTERS can become rich?
  3. I have no idea why I wrote that xD I might have had a brain fart and forgot that smp1 will have a portal too. :p
  4. Ok,do they work in town?
    *imagines residence stairwell being turned into massive gold farm*
    And I do have an obsidian gen.
  5. No, not in town. The new thing about these gold farms is they work in the wilderness.
  6. I can still give obsidian.
  7. I will sign up to help ;)
    EDIT: I Am helping out ;)
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  8. If you are worried about griefers just make the farms far away from spawn. It might be a little bit of a pain to travel back and forth but I think it's worth it to prevent it from griefers.
  9. My first reaction to the title...
    Hehehe.... Budder Project...
    My second reaction to the main post:
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  10. Portals have been able to spawn pigmen around them for months.
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  11. :eek: Please no...
  12. xD It's a joke between me and wisepsn :p
  13. I've never understood how Overworld gold farms work... Obsidion is expensive and hard for me to get... I really don't have time for this... Why should I help, I already have a gold farm I use... I don't feel like mining obsidion, it takes soooo long...I don't have any diamond picks...I can't spare any rupees.. Mope, sigh, more moping, more sighing, grunt, sigh...
    Ah, what the heck. This sounds like a fun challenge, so I'm in! I'll see what I can do for you guys. :)
  14. I would love to help. I can donate 10k to the project. I would also like to volunteer to help make this.
  15. No, you don't get it. With these portals, they will be 23x23 big, so even MORE pigman will spawn.
  16. So just a large row of portals?
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  17. No no no! You are not going to MINE obsidian xD The obsidian is going to be for the 23x23 portals, that will have huge rows. You will even be able to afk on the Gold Farm, but you may have to hit a zombie pigman sometimes. They won't attack you. I will post pictures later.
  18. Griefers still grief, even far away with spawn. I will probably make it far from spawn, but still hire security, because some griefers are smart, get cordinates and BAM. Your farm is filled with lava and you can't stop it. With security, they can get in touch with staff FAST, (via Empire Player Panel: ). It seems easy.
  19. I want to help :D
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  20. Well at least you are making it far away from spawn to decrease the amount of griefers. But the thing that turned me down was the idea of standing around for two hours NOT being allowed to do anything else so you can't go AFK. But if that's necessary then go for it.