Super Elite Squad! (Eleeet)

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    Have you ever wanted to be in a awesome group where you hunt monsters? Have you ever wanted to intereact with more people? Do you like to shop, or even own a business? If any of these are true, you can join the Elite Squad.

    This is a new shop sort of thingy. We basically have fun fighting mobs and find loot to bring back and share with the town! If you are interested in joining this private group, find Brickstrike, Choongjae, or Wisepsn online and we add you into a discussion if accepted. DO NOT PM US. Although this may sound like the best bet, we actually would prefer to keep it to 'friends only'.

    We are currently awaiting for DTombs, where we will fight monsters with our super armour and leave no one behind! Behold of empires most enclosed treasures! :D

    As for the shop, It is located on 13337 on smp 6. Come by anytime!(Shop currently in the makings)
    Below is a list of what we sell:

    And here are some current auctions and deals we are holding:

    None atm.

    Elite Deals:
    None atm.

    Thanks for reading! :) And make sure you come by 13337 soon!
    Donations highly appreciated.

    The res 13337 shop is sponsored by: Deluxe Incorporated Services. (DI)
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  2. You know… dragon tombs will supply you with underpowered armour… everyone has an equal chance of dying... Unless you are really good…
  3. Well, if we have lots of people in our group we probably won't all die, and then the one that gets the *prize* will auction it and we share the money. :p
  4. ;) Just remember, the more people in the tomb, the more eggs given out to auction.
    Each player gets one :p

    So, uh. We will likely be selling mob loot and other things as we enjoy our travels across the wastelands and wild, and hope to find new challenges along the way :p
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  5. Well think about this, in many forms of professional racing every car must have the same potential power. Anything with an advantage is illegal. Who wins depends entirely on who has the best racing skills and uses their head to their advantage. It would be practically the same with Dragon Tombs.
  6. Bump! Donations highly appreciated.
  7. where r u in the empire right now...
  8. Have you asked the others?
  9. Added donations signs at the front of Res 13337, feel free to donate anything you can! :)
  10. Bump! In need of more players in the future for the dragon tombs! :)
  11. Bump! HIGHLY needed of players for dragon tombs.