Notice about Dec 1st, 2015 - Partial email address leak

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  1. Thanks. Apparently, both of my accounts had their emails leaked! Uh oh! :eek::mad:
  2. The primary 'concerns' with an email leak is
    - yet another place for spammers to find emails to send spam to. But email providers do a good job at blocking spam
    - bad actors having another 'identifier' for you (a known user name) if they were trying to phish you or break into your accounts
    - if the email itself had PII in it such as your name (common for emails), then that would then also reveal your name

    There is not much really to 'do' in response.

    In my opinion, the 'risk' of an email leak is pretty low. Especially if your email is old, there is a high probability it has been leaked in multiple other high profile leaks.

    However, EMC still feels everyone deserves to know, regardless of the risk being low.

    You may check if your email (and/or passwords) was contained in any other known breach by using this website:
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  3. I don't know if this is related, but in the same email that was leaked, I got a scam email saying I won $900,000.
  4. An unexpected incident surely.
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  5. So somehow my older accounts' email adresses were not leaked.. Is there similarities in the ones found in the list, by chance? I imagine there must be some sort of relation between at least the majority of the 7,000+ leaked.
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  6. probably active accounts in that month
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  7. Thank you for the updated information Aikar!

    Two of my Emails for Alts we’re leaked but it’s okay, they are just for mc and that’s it :)
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  8. They did not iterate the entire list, they skipped pages. They eventually stopped listing users and went on to delete accounts and that's when the access was cut off.
  9. Delete what accounts? Some of the email accounts?
  10. Forum accounts, specifically a handful of staff accounts as they were the only ones that were deleted. While e-mail addresses can be removed from accounts by players wanting to do so, the only way to delete email accounts would be to log into the provider of the account and delete it through their system. This is not possible within the EMC network.
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  11. See the link in the original post about what happened on that day, summary is the perp deleted krysyy and others causing a bit of an issue with pm's as our database backup failed to restore (we've since changed backup format)
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  12. If an email I no longer use was leaked, is it still safe? (As far as I know it doesn't exist anywhere)
    (also, I just read a little bit more, so that was a bit of a dumb question :} sorry)
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  13. Nah, I think most people who use their e-mail address on the internet receive those. :p

    Anyway: my e-mail address wasn't dumped. Oh well, I guess that's good! :)
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    i'm not too sure how to feel about this, honestly, except i know that i'll be changing the email address associated with this account (even if it doesn't do anything)
  15. To everyone who is linking this news with their spam they've been getting lately, note that this list was already out there in dec. 2015. It is very likely that this leak is not the reason of your current spam. Spammers rather use a more up to date list than a 2.5 year old list where a lot of mailboxes wont even be read anymore. And even if they were to still use it, you'd probably be getting spam mail since this list was leaked, not just recently.
    My adress was leaked too, but I have not received any spam mail last week.
    You can check to check if there are other instances where your email has been leaked (as mentioned before).

    Anyways, thanks for being honest and clear to us, as well as reminding us about account security. I myself am going to make some of my accounts a bit more secure now too.
    EDIT: I've enabled two factor authentication on EMC now
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  16. Me and my sister's alternate accounts were in the leak.

    Shyguythegamer2 and Keldeo178

    What should we do, wait for an email?
  17. You should read the post and thread. :)
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  18. hehe, figured my email/username would be on the list. All is well though seeing as I get email's from I highly recommend signing up for emails from them if you're really concerned about your compromised email/password from backings involving millions of accounts.
  19. Found out my email was on the list too, but that's okay because I set up 2fa last time my account was compromised :)

    Thanks, Aikar.
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