No internet, can someone vote for me, please? (see thread)

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm on the last day of this holidays, and, like a few times before, the internet has died on me, consequently not making me able to vote, /again/. Because I've already missed way too many votes recently, I figured I'd make a thread on the phone internet of my dad's phone (on holidays in another country - phone internet is really expensive), to ask the awesome EMC community if they could maybe vote for my accounts once. :) So, please, if anyone could vote for the accounts listed at the end of the post, it would be amazing. For all first (two if it's really close) votes (shown by a screenshot or whatever, make sure to use a working site!) I'll give the voter 500 rupees. :) (this can be mixed over multiple people)

    Accounts needed voted for:
    - TomvanWijnen
    - TomvanWijnen2
    - TomvanWijnen3
    - LiseMadelief (my sisters account)

    Thanks for reading, and thanks to all the people who (considered) can help me vote for the 4 accounts this fine evening. ;) (it's evening here, I'm off to sleep after this post)



    If this post was weird in any shape pr form, um, oops, I'm tired and kinda desperate lol, and I typed this all on my fathers 4 inch phone I'm not used to (mine is almost twice as big lol),while laying in my sleeping bag..., so I have no clear overview of this post whatsoever :p
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  2. I'll do it for you ;)

    EDIT: Done :)

    EDIT 2: I don't need to have the rupees. The important thing is that the voting's done and I helped you out :)
  3. Just voted for 'TomvanWijnen' on and 'LiseMadelief' on, this is all I can do today though (to my knowledge the last site ( doesn't work anymore).

    As to the reward, forget about that or give it to someone else who can use it. This is just me helping a friend out :)

    Edit: Ninja'd :D
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  4. Correct :)

    But he did get an extra 200 rupees, so it wasn't for nothing ;)
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  5. :O thank you all! :D I know you didn't ask for a reward, but I'll think of something fitting fpr you tomorrow. :)

    Thanks again! :)
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  6. Us fellow Dutchies got your back ;)