No Harvest day?

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  1. I came online yesterday.. waiting for the harvest day event on Utopia D: and nothing.. did i get the time wrong? I am central time.
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  2. Heya MissKells!

    You probably got the time right, but unfortunately sometimes things come up and the staff running the event can't make it. I'll look into running a Harvest Day soon, as the next scheduled one isn't until the 26th. :)

    Out of curiosity, are there any events that you would like to see more of?
  3. Thank you Moople! i appreciate it.
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  4. Staff vs The World. I miss it so much it was the best emc event
  5. I liked it so much I changed sides but for some reason I still end dying by both sides, it's like nothing changed.
  6. *A small voice can be heard in the distance*
    Mob Arena
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  7. *sharpens squid sword*
    I'm ready :cool:
  8. I do n.o.t. pvp

    I farm :D

    To that aspect of this thread, I have a public farm on my res on 14207 or smp7 +katy.
    Use it to your heart's content while Harvest Day is not available.

    **On the 3 level farm, there is potato, carrot, wheat, netherwart, pumpkins, melons, brown mushroom, chorus fruit, cactus, sugar cane, vines. Appologies that the cocoa bean is broken right now. Please replant. Sell me a poisonous potato to recoup the 1r cost of entering the farm.
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  9. I could be mistaken, but I believe that there will be one. People have probably gotten preoccupied with school and whatnot. ;)
  10. There was suppose to be one on Tuesday but no one was around
  11. Ah well, personal life is top priority. Maybe next year instead, yeah?
  12. lol we can only hope.
  13. I think I've only gone to 1 or 2 Harvest Days, back when Seffy was running it. Certainly a fun event, especially for getting wood which is tedious. Helps to have other folks hanging about for chat and company.
    The events I enjoy the most are players vs the environment/mobs. I love dragon slaying arena, and I really want to do a woodland mansion again since I missed the first (and to date, only) one. A nether fortress would be fun too! I like going out as a group to take on the mobs. Maybe I'll organize one of these for October or November, see if anyone wants some mayhem :)
  14. More Hole in One trivia!

    Also big dig :D
  15. Big Dig !!
    Carbonyx - when do you want to hold one?? I will help get'er begun.
    Not smp4, as I am in the Wild.
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  16. Olympics :rolleyes:
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  17. I like the idea of staff vs players

    But with a twist (dun dun DUNNNN!)

    So instead of a pvp arena like on smp6 the staff have 1h to build a bace to protect them selfs (well no creative items could be a rule) and we the players have to kill them

    Its like man hunt lol if anyone knows what that is

    Idk if it would be practical i think so but would be massive fun
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  18. For anybody interested, I am planning to host a Harvest Day on Friday the 20th at 6:00 PM EMC time. :)
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  19. I shall definitely be there!
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  20. I have plans Friday sometime after work but will try to come nonetheless. Enjoy those events always. Sure hope I can be there. :)
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