[NEWS] Mumble Changes. Create your own Channels!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Great!! Now i can start a chat with friends without people joining and screaming then leaving!
    (Theres usually screaming anyways;))
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  2. Just moved that one. It's under a dif category now.
  3. Ah, thank you \o/
  4. Lol Ninjad hard. Haha
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  5. Oops
  6. It's okay. I enjoyed the humor of the situation though. I'm sure I have done worse here on emc.
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  7. Don't worry I'll test it after school tommorrow >;)
  8. For simplicity, can servers have designated chats that are permanent?

    Matching the appropriate server-names... SMP1, SMP2, SMP3... To make a generic standard where we can actually talk to people on servers that we call home.

    We no longer need the "community 1", "community 2", etc...
  9. ty m8, i try me best
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  10. Wait we do this?
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  11. Hi EMC Members,

    What is this mumble and how do I get it, do it , and stuff
    I wanna "gush" ppl with my aussie accent lol annnnd I don't know what gush means but hey I wanna give it a go
    holla back jack

  12. is it like teamspeak?
  13. Mumble is a way for EMC members to talk to one another voice to voice, and is similar to tea speak from what I hear :p More information can be found here: https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/community-mumble/

    As for the changes, they sound fab to me! I don't mumble as much as I used to, but still enjoyed having a channel for when I need it. This new method will be far easier and look a lot less messy ^_^
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  14. My little DerelictAvenue will be no more... ;-; Now it's even harder to Laugh at Sach when he dies at the putpost and bully Padde because he can't afford certain heads ;) See you in mumble guys! Time to hear the strange but somehow loved British accent?

    P.S Chin sounds just at Scottish as you think, don't worry ;)
  15. Does Anyone know the Link for Mumble?
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  17. This is fantastic & there are so many applications but I especially like the idea of being able to set up a specially named channel for a player run event:cool:.
    Also the optional password means we can have private conversations with other players if needed and private channels for invitation only or frontier outpost events (you don't have mute the trolls if they can't get in:D).
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  18. We discussed something like this, but as we've learned through various events that people identify with more than one smp. So instead we decided on the Community system where there are channels for PG language (1-3) and then the other PG-13 channels (4-8).
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  19. I'm one of like 3 of these said Australians :D
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