[NEWS] Mumble Changes. Create your own Channels!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. If you've never joined Mumble to hear the lovely singing voice of RainbowChin, or participated in our sometimes awkward and almost always random discussions, or gushed over the amazing accents of our British/Australian players, then this may not apply to you. However, for those of you that think that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, then listen up!

    EMC Mumble just got better with the addition of Community Temporary Channels.

    What does this mean?
    Say you're in a channel with 5 other people, but you want to sneak off and share super secret things with only one of them and you don't want the other 4 people to be able to learn your deepest darkest secrets. Well, there's now a solution (and it doesn't even need Krysyy anymore :D). She's super stoked if you can't tell already...

    Create a Temporary Channel!
    It's super easy too. Simply follow these illustrated instructions for more details:

    Once you create a channel, it will remain available for as long as anyone is in the channel. Once you're done sharing your plans (like how to take over the world with your sidekicks), then simply leave the channel. No one likes to see giant lists of random channel names that haven't been used in ages and the Mumble server has an automatic litter detection feature for temporary channels. No more waste!

    Note: All current group channels will be removed in favor of this new option that saves everyone a large volume of headaches. If you have a personal issue with this, please pm Krysyy to have her address it.

    Note #2: Remember that if someone is bothering you in mumble, you can create one of these channels to get away, but if they are breaking mumble rules, it's best to report them because they are likely bothering others.

    Note #3: All channel names are logged. Break the rules and you will pay the price.
  2. First!

    I dont really use mumble, but it sounds cool
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  3. FURst

    I like it!!!
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  4. Cool.. I don't use mumble. :p
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  5. You shouldn't mumble. Speak up!
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  6. Ohh, something to look forward to! :D
  7. Yay <3
    I love this!
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  8. I may get Mumble soon actually, thanks for this great update Krysyy :)
  9. Interesting. To my friends: my channel password will always be 'jump'--oh wait, I probably wasn't supposed to say that here... :oops:

    Krysyy, a question: are passwords still managed through Access Tokens? For example when I enter a channel will it prompt me to enter a password then or will I need to add an access token first?
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  10. As far as I can tell, I believe so. It may take some testing from someone that doesn't have admin powers...
  11. yay!
    Coolio guyz
  12. Rip my channel that was 1 day old
  13. why is it called mumble. Usually I hear people screaming
  14. How true. Especially if there's UHC.
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  15. I'm on mumble BTW guys if you wanna chat.

  16. 1/10 :p
  17. You removed the Paper Dev Channel D:
  18. Finally! Now Sean and I can talk about our evil plans to take over EMC! I mean have a friendly conversation! :D
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  19. Noice can't wait to try this