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  1. So basically the promo for the new year is an administrator's head for example ICC or Aikar and when you right click with it in hand it gives you speed and stregth for 5 seconds but you can only use it once every half an hour. Also when you hit a mob it has knock back 1 or something like that, but please keep in mind it is only an idea so don't go to harsh on your replies please:/
  2. It's a nice idea however an Admin's head isn't something you would celebrate New Year's with. Last year it was a firework which made sense.
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  3. It would be useful, but we don't want random promos. It needs to relate to the New Year holiday. :)
  4. nice idea, but I have to agree with Alex xD
  5. Great Idea, but I think it should be a brick with the power to destroy large areas of dirt.
    Wut... 2014 - Year of The Brick.
    :3 /jk
    Anyways, it would likely be another 'Empire Firework' :p
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  6. I like the fireworks anyways. :)
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  7. Another firework would be a bit pointless though, as there's already 2.
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  8. Technically already 3, which boasts not to put in another firework even more. :p
  9. We have a current promo... why more?
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  10. Im thinking we should get a promotional clock that serves absolutely no purpose the reason I say a clock is cuz new years eve alot of people count down the minute until it hits the new year, I mean its a tradition all over the world!
  11. Fendy approves.
  12. Cuz this is EMC- the capitol of promos!
  13. New Year Potato. >: D
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  14. I think we should have a special horse.
    2014 is the Chinese zodiac year of the horse, so it could have a special name.
    It's always fun to go to Chinese restaurants and see what animal your year is.
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  15. Why not with a promo item called Kindle!
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  16. How about a firework which not only shoots out awesome colors it launches you up in the air like on a very popular pvp minecraft server but the ability will have a cool down.
  17. Snake :D my mom's a snake too and I think my dad's a rat or dog :p
  18. Don't quote me on this, but I believe when the first Empire Firework came out, it was said that they would come back every with editions for each year.
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  19. i'm pretty sure that was only for the I-Day firework :/ i'll see what I can find though
  20. Source:
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