New video How to build a Stone Gen

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  1. This video was requested by some players on smp6 on how to build a stone gen.

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  2. Cool vid.
  3. Tnx Terr
  4. I know this has helped a few ppl already so pls go check out the video tnx
  5. Good morning and Bump
  6. Meh, it's not even clockless...
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  7. Very nice Video :D
  8. ?
  9. Sweet Vid :p Hmm going to use XD
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  10. I meant that there is a clock to power the pistons, and i would like the
    generator more if that clock did not exist, by using buds.
  11. hmmm something to think upon
  12. See it as a nice challenge
  13. Yeah it would have to linked with the stone as it is made to then trigger the bottom row of pistons to then push the stone and repeat the same sequence over again.
  14. Maybe there is someway of modifying the machina to include St3venAU's self repairing smooth stone gen? That would fix the cobble stone jams.. o,o'
  15. I'm so going to build that on my res.
  16. Not sure if I can get this design to work with buds :/
  17. nice but his fix would not work on this design sad to say, but tnx anyway