New "Trusted" Rank?

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Do You Like The Idea Of The Trusted Rank?

Yes 14 vote(s) 42.4%
No 19 vote(s) 57.6%
  1. Hey Guys Gamerkid411 Here And I Think The EMC Community Should Have A New Rank Called "Trusted" Of Something Along The Lines Of That! Now This Would Be A Rank For People On EMC That Are Active, Loyal Members And Are Willing To Tell Someone To Stop Spamming OrTo Not Swear! It Would Also Open The Doors To New Mods And It Could Even Be Used As A "Training" Or Sorts For The New Mods. I Would Like Some Of The Feedback Guys, And If You Like The Idea Then Slap The Like Button And Maybe IcC Will See It! Thanks So Much For Reading This! Bye
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  2. A Lot Of Well "Of" Were Supposed To Be "Or". Just Auto Corrected Sorry :p
  3. It "could" work, in the sense of as long as there is a way to stop abuse, such as only being able to kick someone every 30 minutes. As for training for new mods, isn't needed. The staff handpick people who have already shown that they can be trusted as a mod.
  4. There is a little thing that says edit right below you post. No need to post twice.
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  6. This could work but has been talked about.
    In fact I would very much like it...
  7. I wouldn't like this. There is no need for something like this. There is no need for a trial mod. Also, even being just a normal member you can tell other members not to spam etc...
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  8. Basically the only people that I know who would probably be trusted would be jack biggin, alexchance, and silken_thread just because they're on the bug tracker team.
    Also, people would be saying," PICK ME FOR TRUSTED IM TRUSTED I WAS ONLYBANNED ONCE FOR HACKS" and things like that. (You'd be surprised what happens on smp2 sometimes -_-)
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  9. I would like ceremonial ranks. Like, people who contribute enough to the community get a unique title of their choosing which appears beside their name on the forums, and maybe they could get a colour?
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  10. Its called supportership :cool:
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  11. I said yes, but if there was an 'It might work' button, I would have pressed that. IMO, the regulations for being 'Trusted' seems like they would be unclear.
  12. There would also need to be an Empire age, this would show you actually know what your doing and know stuff about the server.
  13. Not quite, the idea is the most trusted people on EMC would earn the right to choose a title of their choice beside their name on the forums.
    For example, I could make my title 'King of Lava Walls', JackBiggin could make his 'Hamster', battmeghs could make hers 'I AM THE BATMAN' or whatever she'd be into, and AlexChance could make his 'Rich'.
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  14. Yes I know, but when you look at how I quoted you, I took out some stuff lol
  15. I see :cool:
  16. i dislike this, a lot.
    the Empire is a very individual place, there is NO other server like it. no one can ever argue that fact. ever. every server out there has these 'trust' groups, 'favored players' and so on. and all i've seen it do is make people complain they aren't trusted, and complain after only 2 days of playing they should be trusted... or the ones that are 'trusted' brag that they are.
    this goes with factions, i hate factions. i freaking despise them. i won't even try a server that displays that. it makes the chat look hideous with every color possible, every little *(&%# symbol someone comes up with... then in chat, every 5 seconds "JOIN WITH ______" " JOIN MY FACTION" ... no.

    the Empire is perfect just the way it is right now.. i disagree completely with having a 'trusted' group.

    perfect example why not.

    just the forums? .. i could see people complaining that it doesn't show up in game... which would also add to the chat box looking like crap.
  17. Well, perhaps people who have a title would all get a standard colour, like red.
    And we do cope with people who complain to be mod, surely we can do the same with people who complain for titles/trusted status?
  18. I believe that when empire credits ( if they are going t be implemented) you can do something and get a red name, if I remember correctly.
  19. maybe i'm never online when these people complain? .. i don't think i've ever seen that kind of thing in game for a long time. though, i do tend to pick the quieter smp's. but the one thing i love about EMC is the fact that the chat is so clean and crisp... there is nothing more than names in color, no added things, nothing.. i don't like how other chats on other servers have this:

    [mod] monkeyman78: i love this server
    [normal] [FARTFACT] killerman93: there is a zombie over here!
    [rank k7] [$$$] [GUILDMAN] sheenpop: i killed it
    [mod] [JUNK] krankyfuss: it'll be alright

    it is a GIANT eyesore.... and i really hate it.
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  20. This is unlikely to be implemented and vaguely un-useful *No offence*
    However if this ever was to be used then I don't think it would/should be called 'trusted' as that sounds like no one else is :p.

    NOTE: I know I have more or less said everything above but, meh.

    Oh and the forum thing would make it a bit confusing and/or messy :( Nice idea though :)