New to Empire But not to minecraft

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ibdcoffeegod, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. The coffee god is in town:cool:
  2. Welcome to EMC!!! :D
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  3. Welcome to the Empire. :)
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  4. Welcome to the Empire! If you have questions is your friend. If you fail to find answers there, shoot me a PM here :)
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  5. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! :)
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  6. Welcome to the Empire. Coffee you say? That sounds like a great plan right about now, I'll take one please. Make sure it's still hot when delivered, thanks 8)
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  7. I dont like coffee

    Welcome to the Empire :p
  8. I've never dared trying it
    Welcome to the Empire! :D
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  9. I've tried coffee ice cream, does that count?
    Welcome! Just a piece of advice: Head over to smp8 if you're crazy, any other smp will do if you're not though. Ya know, 'cause all the others are really boring. ^-^
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  10. Welcome to EMC! I've never tried coffee...I heard it's addictive :p I will admit, smp8 is very abnormal....I usually hang around smp3, smp4, and smp6 a lot :)
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  11. Welcome to the Empire coffee. Enjoy your stay. :)

    PS: being ex CAF, I am a coffee drinker. ;)
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  12. I've had some Starbucks And DD. Starbucks is bae when it comes to coffee.
    I suggest you destroy whatever residence it is that you have, and come on over to smp8. Every other smp is trash compared to smp8. Now you come on over to smp8. Or else..
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  13. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft :D
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  14. Where is a place to cough? Coughfee!

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  15. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  16. Another one I missed? How can this be! Welcome, coffee god!
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  17. Thank you all . I will start a coffee shop up in my village soon . The worker,s /Gathering resources are getting a bit slow.
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  18. I am building a village. and will need sum villagers for the shops. It will take me sum time.PS they don't h8 you they just need sleep or coffee ;)
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  19. Welcome to EMC! Looking forward to having a coffee in your new coffee shop. Let me know when the Grand Opening will be! :p
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  20. I'd like to see that coffee shop in SMP8 or else I will summon my bears to vandalize it >: D
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