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Do you think this needs to be changed?

Yes 3 vote(s) 11.1%
No 26 vote(s) 96.3%
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  1. Hi, You don't know who I am, but this is a suggestion, I think you will like it...
    The server shouldn't charge us $10 to go in our vaults, and that needs to be changed.
  2. 10r is virtually nothing. EMC has rupee sinks to help keep money circulating within the economy. I am not an economic expert, but I am pretty sure it is extremely useful
  3. Thank you, but I think it needs to be changed, I don't like it that where charged to go into our vault!
  4. You're paying for the database strain (at least, that's what the fee was added for originally). :)

    It's 10r, you can remove it by buying 5 pages - I think it's fine. :)
  5. I don't, but that's your opinion, we are all different:D
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  6. It used to be 10r per vault opening. That was mildly annoying.

    10r for 5 minutes isn't much. Sorry, -1
  7. Thank you for taking my side!!!
  8. He is disagreeing with you. He is saying it used to be too much, but now it is fine.

    Also, arguing against everyone against you is not proactive. Suggestions are supposed to encourage discussion. Saying "we all have different opinions" every time someone disagrees with you is counterproductive.
  9. I think it is fine how it is. 10r isn't that much, and we need rupee sinks somewhere to avoid inflation.
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  10. That was really annoying when you had to pay for each vault opening..

    HelloKittyRo, you can make over 1300 rupees per day by taking 5 minutes to vote (
  11. Ok.. Good for you that you figured that out... we all did....
  12. IKR!!!!!
  13. You're starting to get a bit rude with your replies...
    EDIT: Oh and -1, sorry but this isn't that good of a suggestion :(
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  14. Sorry, I'm just rushing, I'm very sorry If I'm being mean!
  15. Well apparantley you didn't. I am going to stop now because I am getting a bit mean, but seriously? I am getting a bit of a rude vibe from you, and you need to stop spamming threads. I know you are new to the server, so feel free to talk to me via pm if you need an introdictintroduction to the ways of the land.
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  16. Your not being mean, you're nice, it's me, I'm gunna stop for a while, I'm sorry if I'm being rude,,
  17. Well there are measures in place so that your not charged 10r for accessing your vault. Expand your vault to 5 pages and you won't be charged to open your vault anymore. Simple as that.
  18. When I was a nooblet, I did find this a bit troubling at times, however I never really had a problem with it. I did vote for a while, and that prevented me from ever having to worry about vault charges. Again, that is just my opinion. =)

    I have to agree with Olaf here. 10r is virtually nothing on EMC. Voting once a day can get you ore than enough to open your vault for 5-10 minutes.
  19. Another thing to keep in mind. If you vote for the server you can get yourself approx. 1000r per day. The longer you keep the streak up, the more stuff you'll get (such as diamonds and emeralds which you can also cash in for money).

    But if we focus on 1000r per day then this basically allows you to open your vault 100 times per day for free. Every time you open your vault you get free access for the remaining 5 minutes, so if we add that into our calculation then this means 500minutes of free access. So roughly 7 hours and 20 minutes worth of vault access.

    I get the impression that even trying to reach these amounts with the /vault command would be a difficult challenge on its own :)
  20. Not when you're a member of the 0 rupee club... :cool:
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