New Residence Flags

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  1. Hey everyone. We now have new residence flags for you to use and they are as follows:

    - boat *
    - boatplace
    - boatdestroy

    - minecart *
    - minecartplace
    - minecartdestroy
    - tntminecart
    - storageminecart
    - hopperminecart
    - poweredminecart

    - enderpearl

    - shear

    - firework

    - anvil

    - villager

    Killing animals
    - kill

    * - Setting boat or minecart to true is like a "combo" that automatically allows place/destory for both. If you want any of the other flags like tntminecart/storageminecart, etc, you have to have both minecart set to true and that flag set to true.
  2. Awesome! I love new flags! By the way, can only Diamonds use TNTcarts?
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  3. OMG two updates in one day!!!!!!!
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  4. Really nice to see the enderpearl one... great update :D
  5. Yes
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  6. So cool! SIXTH!
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  7. Nice.
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  8. Im number 8!
    Also, so glad to see a firework flag, since I love just launching fireworks
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  9. Thank you soo much! Everyone can use the minecarts in the Four Biomes Amusement park now :D
  10. Only TNT mine carts for Diamond Supporters?
    (Builds a 100k mini city in res and buys Diamond Supporter just for TNT Minecarts)
    Yus! I b terrorist!!!!
  11. Awww yeah new flags! Thanks a thousand tons! Woah woah woah!
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  12. Me like
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  13. Yes! Now people can use sheep and leave my door alone. =)
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  14. Awesome! Now I can let people use fireworks without them having /use!
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  15. YAY! This looks good! :D
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  16. Finally, people don't get free iron :D
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  17. /res set firework true
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