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  1. Hello EMC! I am planning on building a mall on either smp2 or smp7. However, I have come into a small snag: rupees and materials :p. I am coming to you to ask for donations of any type. I'll be adding updates once construction begins :) Any donation is appreciated, but rupees and hardened clay are what is needed the most currently. Quartz is needed as well, but due to the nature the item, I don't expect much to be donated.

    Donation List:
    Keliris: 1 rupee
    SteamboatWillie: 15,000 rupees
    ArchDukeMelon: 850r
    BenMA: 16,568r
    gladranger7: 7,500r
    amadai: 10,000r
    AyanamiKun: 15,999r
    SSRCcorp: 100,000r
    EquableHook: 75,000r
    BlinkyBlinky: 2,500r, Assorted colors of clay
    TinkAsh: 167r
    Luckygreenbird: 1,000r
    So_Inferno: 20,133r
    Jennypoo10: 3 DCs of Stone
    zh88: 1 rupee
    BLUESKULLS55555: 25,000r
    gladranger7: 7,500r
    subbayal: 1,000r
    Rhythmically: 1 DC of Stone
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  2. Build on Smp7! Will it be a bulk mall? We need one.
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  3. I will probably have a bulk floor with items such as glass, stone, sand, etc.
  4. Yay! I like glass.
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  5. Yay I get to donate to the same shop I will be spending my money at anyways! Sign me up!
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  6. You'll be added to the list as soon as I know what I am adding :D
  7. Quite proud of my massive donation yesterday.
  8. At least you were first :p
  9. I will donate 7,500 k! plz build on smp2! I want one of ur shops on smp2 soooooo bad I mean we have the great ShelLuser don't u want to join him?
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  10. It will probably be on smp2 only because I don't have reses or vouchwrs to get reses on 7
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  11. Sorry :(
  12. Thats allright i am on SMP2 quite a bit! :)
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