New Gang in Town

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  1. People of EMC, I have founded the EMC Yakuza, similar to the Mafia. It's based in Smp9 and currently there are 4 members, if you wanna join then you can pm me. This is a very inclusive gang and I hope it becomes as big as the EMC Mafia.
    Formless out
  2. Gangs arent allowed on EMC. Only clubs.
  3. What kind of activities does the EMC Yakuza partake in? How is it different from other wild outposts?
  4. The EMC Mafia is allowed.
    Oh no, this is like a server supportive gang, we don't ever plan to do anything evil to the server or its players.
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  5. The EMC Yakuza is an economy helping group, by setting up a wild base, we can get supplies to support our stores.
  6. Mafia is a club.
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  7. Isn't the yakuzi a old Chinese gang?
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  8. Yea, the Chinese Mafia
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  9. What is the point of this.
  10. From what I can see, it's a spiced-up outpost-type operation.
    Hm, interesting.
  11. You and 72volt will get on perfectly! If m4nic_m1ner comes you will be a match made in heaven!
  12. oh, zing.
    They can stay up all night talking about the economy...
  13. I believe I'm about to faint.
  14. Its a Japanese gang, get your history right.
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  15. The yakuza is a Japanese gang. It will come across wrong. My friend wasn't allowed to use a name because it had the word gang in it. You should change the name.
  16. Watch out, we've got a badass over here
  17. Calm down.You can say this in a more nicer way like " It's a japanese gang. " instead of saying that.
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  18. Delta team all over again...
  19. Not really. He shall not be named wanted delta team to be the official clan of EMC (he was just trying to advertise his server), ICC said no, he asked to be banned as a break, he got banned as a break, and then tried to frame ICC...then he got perma-banned.
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