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  1. Suggestion: Be able, if possible, to add a favorite shop list: Maybe it could have this layout: Owner, res #, Nickname(to put an identifier for the shop), Favorite Item of his/her shop and a notification if it is out of stock/full

    Thanks Azoundria, hope you take this into consideration!
  2. It seems like the autoreader isn't working. After putting in my information, it just tells me that the credentials are incorrect even though they aren't.
  3. Hello all!

    I'm wondering if someone can help me out! All 1.8 items are added. (In fact, quite a few were already there.) They just don't have icons. Here's a full list of the items without icons:

    Polished Granite
    Wet Sponge
    Sea Lantern
    Prismarine Crystal
    Polished Diorite
    Polished Andesite
    Dark Prismarine
    Prismarine Bricks
    Prismarine Shard
    Dry Sponge
    Slime Block
    Birch Fence
    Spruce Fence
    Jungle Fence
    Acacia Fence
    Dark Oak Fence
    Spruce Fence Gate
    Birch Fence Gate
    Acacia Fence Gate
    Jungle Fence Gate
    Dark Oak Fence Gate
    Birch Door
    Acacia Door
    Jungle Door
    Dark Oak Door
    Spruce Door
    Raw Mutton
    Raw Rabbit
    Rabbit Stew
    Rabbit Hide
    Rabbit's Foot
    Guardian Egg
    Endermite Egg
    Rabbit Egg

    I figured it might be faster just to open up to the community and ask if anyone with an image editor can create the icons. (GIMP is what I used.) I usually take ones from http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/ and resize them. I need 64x64, 32x32, and 16x16 for each icon in a PNG format. If you can name them the same item name above in all lowercase without spaces and folder them by size it will be even faster to add them. eg... 32/darkoakfence.png for the 32x32 icon for dark oak fence.
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  4. I got you.

    Gimme a bit to do all them :)
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  5. Sorry to double post... Sea Lantern is listed as a gif because it is a moving ripple texture on it. Let me know if you want png or gif, moving to the next one.
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  6. Here ya go azoundria.

    EDIT: I will PM you the link, I think it shows my real name. I would rather that not be show :)

    I did all but the .gif ones (sea lanterns and prismarine regular)
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  7. PNG. Just pick a frame. The animation is not important for the site and could be distracting. Also, I hardcoded the file extension in my code.
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  8. I assume the image resizing stuff is already done, but this could probably be pretty easily scripted on a Linux box (maybe on Mac OS X too) with the right packages installed; once the script is written, it could probably produce resized versions of all the images in a particular directory within seconds. I'm thinking of a Bash script though I believe it could also be done in PHP, perhaps on Windows.
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  9. just started using this, keeps kicking me out cause my password is so long lol
  10. That's what I ended up doing in PHP... Never get a man to do a computer's job.
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  11. Had another thought: Perhaps when an item in a particular shop is marked out, it would generally make sense for the same item currently being marked full as no longer being full and vice versus?
  12. I have alredey told you, but I do love it :D
    I have just add 5 sections (1/3 of all items there are) in half a hour. :D
  13. Just gonna post here so I can watch this thread
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  14. Theres a watch thread button ;)
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  15. Ugh but... But... But.. It's too far :p XD
  16. I am definitely gonna use this to find average prices. I wish I'd know about it sooner.

    Additionally, I have a very weird situation that I want to know how this site will handle.
    Another player and I share our residences. Meaning, we live and do most things on mine, and we have a joint shop on theirs. From what I could tell, the system auto-links res numbers and usernames. How would this work for me, since obviously, all of my shop signs are on another player's residence?
    If this is way too specific and complicated of a situation to address, don't worry about it. I'll just deal with the wrong res number, there's a tp on my res to the shop anyway.

    Also, how are you going to deal with name changes once EMC finishes pushing the update?
    (This is very relevant to me, since I've already changed my mc username.)
  17. I can update all the entries to your friends res and also set your default shop to that res if you provide the res number. In that case, any sales to your shop will default to that residence. At the moment, I handle these manually, but it will eventually be configurable in your account on the site.

    Regarding name changes, the transaction should show up in the new username. I also assume that your residence would show up as the new username being the owner. Therefore, the entry would be added as the new user and it should still find the residence. I don't think anything will break other than a whole bunch of entries which will still exist under the old username.
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  18. So, do you think it would just be best to wait until name changes are live, to post my shop on there?
  19. It doesn't matter. If I discover a username change I can do a query to change the username fairly easily.
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  20. Okay Thanks.