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  1. Hello everyone!

    I have some very exciting news! One of the most common ideas to help EMC with my workload is to get more people to help with development.... And that is what we are doing!

    I would like to introduce my very long time best friend hatorijr, who started playing MC/EMC with me!

    I have known him since we were both in middle school (That's about 15 years ago now...) and we both have taken on the programming career (I got him his first job with me!)

    I've been working with him the past few weeks getting set up to work on EMC, and he has even already completed his first task: EMC-361.

    So I will be sending more smaller tasks to Hatori, so we can have an even better mix of mini updates and large updates (I will still do mini too).

    He also has a pretty demanding personal life, so might not see him in game as much but he is going to put his best effort into helping out!

    Everyone give him a warm welcome!
  2. I welcome the new developer! I don't have any doubts that Hatori will do good :)
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  3. Whoo!
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  4. good to hear, onwards and upwards :D
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  5. Welcome Hatorijr to the Empire!
    Enjoy your stay here. :)

    <--- Scrap that.
  6. Welcome to our new Samurai-Dev! :D
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  7. a /p shows that he is almost 700 days old actually :)
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  8. As said, he joined right around the same time I did =P I told him to go grab his original res as it is derelict haha.
  9. It's good that we now have some more developers. Maybe a bit more will be done :p
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  10. Great! I already just thought some help programming things like this would be very helpful now
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  11. Welcome! Thanks for offering your services.
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  12. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome, and thanks to my best friend on the introduction.
  13. Welcome to the empire :)
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  14. Awesome, hopefully things will be faster now and hope you have fun developing for EMC, Hatori :)
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  15. Welcome to the team hatori!
  16. welcome!

    to being a moderator anyways:rolleyes:
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  17. Welcome to the Empire Hatori!
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  18. Welcome!
    And does it alert you if your chat is off?
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  19. Hatori and his wife occasionally come over to our house to hang out, so I can guarantee that he's an awesome dude. Although do not mention anything about..
    Building computers! the same room that Hatori and Aikar are in. They tend to debate about it. It can get interesting. :D:p
  20. Maybe even dragon tombs will be done a few years sooner then planned ;)
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