New Build Team Members

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  1. After discussion with our build team leader khixan...and because she might kill me if I make her wait over 24 hours since they accepted.

    Congrats to our newest build team members:

    Each was chosen due to skills they possess and their willingness to work as a member of a team to accomplish great builds for the Empire!

    We look forward to what they will help to create and know that khixan will enjoy putting them to work.

    We're always looking for talented builders and creative thinkers to join the Build Team.
    If you'd like to be considered for Build Team, all you need to do is APPLY!
  2. Congratulations liamwill and corruptedsmile! :)
  3. This time, from bedrock to 256? XD
  4. Congrats all :)
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  5. Congratulations! I look forward to working with you. :)
  6. Congrats to you fellows!
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  7. Congrats! :D
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  8. Nice! Congratulations to our newest architects!

    lol- I skim read that link as build team mapp, for a second I thought it was a map of some new project :D
  9. Congrats to both of you :)
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  10. Congratulations :)

    Tah... I didn't expect to see you come back :)
    Now I'm doubting whether I should rejoin the team. Last time I builded anything: more than two months ago. (the project commisionned for Dlive you see in my signature) Nah. I'll let that pass :p
  11. Congratulations Liam and corrupted! Can’t wait to see what you’ll do :)
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  12. Congratulations liamwill and corruptedsmile
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  13. Congrats to the both of you! Interested to see what creations you inspire us with. ✌️
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  14. Congrats liam, I'm very happy for you.

    Khixan, please don't get too excited about getting to work with corrupted lol
  15. WOOT! Welcome liamwill and corrupted :) I'm really excited to meet up with y'all on stage and get things rolling! I've got intro assignments picked out and all sorts of evil plans to take over the world! Wait, erm, I mean build plans, right! :D

    Also, wow, thank you Krysyy, you nailed my spirit with those two phrases. ROFL! Brings me tears of joy and happiness (I laughed myself silly). <3 Thank you!
  16. I have a Corrupted and I am not afraid to use him :p
  17. About darn time!