New Atlantia

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  1. The capitol city of New Atlantia shares its name with the surrounding lands. Established around a small Testificate village, it has grown to encompass a vast area of the surrounding grasslands, providing a safe haven for the beleaguered villagers.

    What is New Atlantia? It is a city and a kingdom founded on the idea that villagers should be free to expand their towns, to walk their streets without worry. It is a land rife with opportunity, growth, and prosperity - a wilderness awaiting the wonders that EMC can build.

    A small selection of the Capitol city's sights:

    The East District

    City streets at night

    The farms along the southern wall

    Across the river, the moon sets behind West District

    West District's southern watchtower

    Textures used are a customized version of Painterly. Download here!

    These are the current residents of our fine kingdom...
    • TitansBobcat
    • firelor
    • LadyHorus
    • Foohman
    • Razierw
    • Tarka_the_Otter
    • cddm95ace
    • NetherSpecter
    ...and of course, myself.

    We live by a small but important set of rules. These are in addition to the Commandments of EMC.
    • Commitment: The journey is long, and there is a great deal of work ahead of us, both within the city limits, and the establishment of neighboring settlements. Those who are willing to make the journey are expected to stay and contribute.
      • Corollary: New Atlantia is located on SMP5. If you have any interest in Mob Arenas or other town activities, this probably isn't the place for you.
    • Consistency: Small villages and castles can be built in Town, but there they'll be surrounded by empty plots, mega-malls, chat spam, wool statues, and a patchwork mess of various construction. In New Atlantia, consistency is important - while we don't aim to hamper your creativity, cities new and old should keep to a consistent theme.
    • Safety: The heart of New Atlantia is its population - the villagers and their protector golems who wander the streets. As such, cities must be safe for them to do so, with wall access secured behind iron doors, well-lit streets and homes, and vigilant players ready to defend them from the occasional zombie siege.
      • Corollary: Iron farms are not forbidden, but should not be constructed within city limits. Any such structure should be located safely away from the population, so that it does not interfere with their activities.
    • Communication: This is not a rule, just a general advisement. We use Skype to discuss plans for city development and expansion, inclusion of new members, and other purposes. Skype is not required, but if you wish to participate in the planning process, you will need the client to do so.

    Applications are currently: CLOSED
    If you wish to join us, please PM me with the following - do not reply to this thread with your application!
    • Why do you wish to join?
    • What are your best skills?
    • Are you a mature individual?
    • Have you ever been banned? (/For what reason?)
    • Are you a member of any other wild groups?
    • Is there a reason we should accept you that isn't explained by the questions above? (Optional)
    If you are a skilled builder, a screenshot or two of your better works would be useful as well.

    Want to spread the word? Or are you already a member?
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    For posterity, the old thread...
  2. ...Seriously?
    To everyone else posting after this, please learn from poor Creeper's mistake. :rolleyes:

    For the sake of brevity though: Hiding on livemap is kind of a lost cause. With the exception of firelor, none of us are supporters and as you might note from the old thread, we've already been found (and griefed) once..
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  3. That's a really nice texture pack you got there!
  4. So cool!

  5. Reading impairment there.
  6. It happens. I lol'd. :D

    Some applications received (thank you guys for pm'ing me), and are being looked over.
    In the mean time, here's a shot from creative - test build for the castle being constructed in the West District.
    As I have often lamented to my friends - "What the **** was I thinking?"

    Texture pack is a personalized variant of Painterly. When 1.5 is out, I'll update the set we've been using and add a download link to the OP. An HD pack may follow - I like several of the medieval styles I've seen, but the colors are too drab and desaturated.
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  7. Thanks Kephras. Sphax Bdcraft for the win (x128).
  8. Nawww... EMCSpecial for the win ;D
  9. The sun sets behind the castle's new emblem motif. Slowly making progress there - so glad netherbrick comes in half-slabs now!
    Foohman and Razierw have begun construction on a large hall to the south - I'll let them provide the details if they wish.
  10. Here's a little peek at what I'm building, in the west disctrict. ;)
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  11. Today, the castle grew wings.
  12. Took a little while to get my shaders back after 1.5, but worth the wait.
    A new bridge spans the river between Districts. Unfinished, but will make travel a great deal easier when done.
    Tomorrow's to-do list: Patch the texture pack to make it 1.5 compatible. Vanilla is killing me... :(
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  13. i hope i dont wonder into this one (not that i wondered in to a application only wild base before :p )
  14. I want to join SO bad!!! :D
  15. The last of our group, Tarka, arrived today. Foohman and Razierw greet him on the bridge into town.
    ...our workshop is getting absurdly cluttered now. Need to build a proper crafting hall.
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  16. Just a quick first glance at our hall, albeit quite late into the project.

    The exterior structure has been completed, but the interior and finishing touches remain. Will be removing those unsightly torches.
  17. When will applications open up again?
  18. Likely one of two things will happen:
    1. We lose members due to prolonged absence or if they decide to leave us.
    2. The New Atlantia capitol and the southern city are both completed (or nearly so) and more members are needed to help construct and oversee new cities.
    Hopefully #1 won't happen, at least for a while, and #2 doesn't look likely in the short-term.
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