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  1. Never have I seen an Empire so great
    Each player taking part in a community so vast
    I warn you that I do not exaggerate
    This Empire will forever last

    I do expect much when I post
    I only hope that you will smile
    As you are a part of the community with the most
    Friends you could have worthwhile
  2. Waiting for dragon tombs every day
    The time just seems to slip away
    But one day one day they say

    The Empire grows great, but has a dark fate
    The griefers don't wait to expose this fate

    But the griefers don't know their own fate
    They may burn the Empire, sending it into fire
    But the fire they start will be the fire they end in
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  3. Wow! Nice writtey stuff with rhymes

    My turn..

    The empire is big
    The world is big

    Somewhere else in the world
    there is someone like me
    because we is meat

    and meat is good when I eat

    Yeah.. honestly got nothing.
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  4. Never say never :p
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  5. Congratulations you have been awarded a spot on the wall of great writers of EMC! You will be added on as soon as I connect.
  6. I'll be honest, I just made this up off the top of my head. Surely there are others more qualified. :)
  7. Oh yes there is but they are already on there.
  8. I know I'm "bumping" an older thread somewhat but meh... Sky: that poem kinda touched me (and not in a funny way :D).

    Very well done!
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