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  1. A grand giveaway of cash,
    for a happiness bash.
    A poem of your happiest day,
    could let u win this giveaway!
    OK, I want u to write me a poem!
    (plz make rhyming poems)
    The winner will receive 10,000 rubies judged by me :)
    Second will get 7,500 judged by likes by u guys so go like happy! (plz like only 5 times)
    AND the funniest poem will get 2,500 judged by me and maybe some others! :)

    Have fun plz be respectful to one another and remember to be funny!

    This event is sponsored by the outpost Land of Llamas like for more giveaways!
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  2. The soft breeze cooled,
    As the little children called,
    For me to sing a lullaby.

    I nodded my head,
    They cheered to some people's dread,
    For a soft tune would commence.

    The silence was filled with a tuneful sound,
    My lips moved gently with a melody pouring out.

    The children giggled in delight,
    Their eyes were filled with a playful light,
    That night.

    A teacher came and smiled at me,
    She said she loved my voice and smiled with glee.
    'Oh darling, your voice you see',
    'Is a lovely tune, it is!'

    I smiled at her,
    She smiled at me.
    Then as quick as she could she dropped a card before my eyes,
    I looked at her with a great big grin.

    I picked up the card and saw,
    She gave me a free pass to a singing club.
    Joy danced inside of me,
    And as soon as she left it was set free.

    I twirled around with gaiety,
    My singing dream would occur,
    Time to celebrate and bring out the liquor!

    *Cough* It's bad *cough*
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  3. dude! I said a poem not like...well I'm glad I'm not part of this this is great!
    Note to yall this leaves big shoes but I don't care still try!
  4. Rubies are rubies
    But what I truly desire is rupees
    Would it help if I say please?

    (In reference to use of rubies in the main post and I am not creative at all.)
    edit-welp ya fixed it :/ Now my post makes no sense.
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  5. She is the one for me Written in destiny I can not forget her Her movement Is elegant Just like times flow When it comes down To it I can't let her go
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  6. The day was ending
    I didn't want this
    And if I were a wingding
    I would have bliss

    The breeze through the hair
    I feel alive
    I can haz flare
    I am alive

    What does this have to do,
    With an excellent day?
    I'll tell you
    This is me in may
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  7. it was a crush and i tell you it was nothing much...
    i was about to ask her out then i found out my best friend asked her out first...
    the i slapped him so hard he fell over << I enjoyed that bit :)
    sorry it doesnt rhym
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  8. I had to bump
    so I made this lump
    so I have to owe em
    and hear some poem!
  9. Can I do a Haiku?
  10. I guess that would work....but I want a good hik-thingy
  11. No awful poem today

  12. BUMP! rhymes with lump? but do u rhyme with plump?
  13. Llamas are graceful
    Soaring grandly through the air
    Landing with such style
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  14. BUMP
    common people this is pretty easy!? plz write me some poems :(
  15. Happieness?
    Is that even a question?
    Or is that something people only desire?
    are people annyway asking it?
    or do they just optain?

    Questions about happieness
    Bad feelings about questions
    Were is this story going to end?
    in this long, comlplex world of fears
    might happyness be even only a wish.

    That that might be even only the thing it is.
    can only be answerd by nonexistent words.
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  16. Happiness is what life is for,
    So there is no need for war.
    No more fighting, no more pain,
    The men need to see their children again.

    Out in the barracks,
    Few letters a day,
    But none for that man that was sent away.
    He misses his children,
    Needs to see them again,
    So much it puts him in pain.

    So please stop the war,
    Put down your missiles and bombs,
    Or how bad are we?
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