Never giving up | Re-locating PPO SMP6

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  1. So, everybody gets griefed some time in Minecraft. And that 'some time' was today, for the bunch at Paradise Point Outpost.

    Riley9881 was the second staff member to find this (staff of PPO), myself being the first. It was extremely disappointing (still is) to see the length some people will go to to destroy other's creations. The person has taken all valuables from unlocked chests, completely destroyed every single building in some form, and they've basically ruined the entire outpost.

    I will not turn this into a rant thread about griefers, it's just I am very upset to see this happen to our wild community.


    Well, as I have been told to not give up on the outpost (thanks to zulu9), I have thought of a new plan for the outpost. It will have the same name, same features and same community, but it will be further out, so this griefer can not get to it, and the same goes for all others wishing to destroy it.

    Donations Needed:
    I can confirm that more than four double chests of items were stolen from chests, and more than eight stolen from structures. This means that we are lacking many materials that were originally brought out to the outpost. Being the tight community we are (on EMC) I'd like to make a reasonable request:

    Donations of time, items and rupees if you wish. These will go extremely far, and it will also make many users happy, as they are committed to creating a wilderness community. I am not begging, just leaving a suggestion out there for you to consider.

    Thank you in advance,


    P.S Plans, maps, coordinates and such will be released to those wishing to receive them, if they are already part of the PPO.

  2. I'm sad to hear that something like this has happened, however, I'm so glad that you're standing strong and continuing with the outpost! :D

    (and woop, 1000th post!)
  3. Thanks Jack, and happy 1000th post to you!
    Everyone must like his 1000th post! :p
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  4. Great that you're still continuing the outpost! I'll get some rupees to you later. And james is still lost...
  5. i was just gonna start building my sandstone house too... send me the coords and map pics to were the new one is..

    EDIT: isnt the PPO already on 6? also i just got back from seeing how bad the damage was and i dont see a THING gone or missing???
  6. sorry to hear that.. :( i hope chris and my outpost won't be griefed...
  7. Sorry PPO! You can heal yourself! Strive on my friends!
  8. We'll be taking our first steps toward the new outpost starting Wednesday.
    This will mean I am going to be collecting gifts from those who have offered them, then I will be transferring all of my
    items from PPO to town.
    I think we should change our name, too, to show tht we're fighters, not weaklings.
    I'm going to be surveying land around the wild, if any current PPO members would like to help, send me a PM.

    We can do this!


  9. Trust Us We Will Goomba Stomp All Griefer's Outpost? (TUWWGSAGO).
    Very sad to hear this, but I am so glad I decided to lock my ore chest. Wonder if they found my bunker actually... Probably, but I'm not giving up hope!

  10. Griefing in EMC is such a shame. Too bad it can't support LogBlock. :confused: Good for you getting back on your feet!
  11. Thanks :) I'm really looking forward to rebuilding, I have some awesome ideas!
    (Hint: sorta involves my Lego kits :p)
    EDIT for SparerToaster: WHAT. THE. PUCK.
  12. I hate getting griefied but you just gotta rebuild and show the griefier that your strong.
  13. Exactly. Griefers are no match for us!
    That's why I donned the #EG2012 achievement, as you can see in my signature.
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  14. How will you prevent getting griefed again?
  15. I made that one!
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  16. Well to start with, we're going to go way further out, less people will have COORDS and I will try to have the live map up more, to see if anyone not in the outpost is there. Suggestions are welcomed ;)
  17. And, thank you Sparer :):):)

    Maddy :):)
  18. How much shall I donate? Hmmmm... 20,000r sounds good for now? =)
  19. I think that's more then PPO could dream for.:)
  20. TNT cannons around the border and SethBling bombs! (That's what I would do...)