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  1. I would just like to warn anyone who is considering voicing their opinion about his age requirement in a destructive/negative way. It is great to "prove" him wrong by showing him that he can trust you, but when you voice disapproval in a sassy, sarcastic, negative, destructive, etc, way, you are just reinforcing the bolded stereotype.
  2. Thanks for pointing this out.
    Said behavior then makes it even harder for the person who is upset with the rule to ever get invited to become a member. They create an even higher burden for themselves. It's tough to get past previous negative interactions. And such an approach creates them.
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  3. Got agree with jkjk here. Perry is the Head Honcho for this Expedition/Community or whatever as long doesn't break Emc Rules. As for the players coming saying that he can't have age requirement and making a fuss about. Well he can do this and I've known many communities that have done this before. So my advice for the players just making a fuss about this one rule just go on with your business before say something that will get you in trouble with staff.
  4. And on this point (I know I mentioned it in another reply) I will, should EMC staff or mods wish to read it, make the "Secret Agenda" document available for you all to read. It's on google documents making it very easy to share. Just start a one on one conversation with me and I'll share the link. This will allow EMC to see that we plan no breaking nor even severe bending of rules. Of course if something is found to be concerning, contact me ASAP as I'm the document maintainer/agenda setter.

    Oh that reminds me. I need to add "Transparency to EMC Staff" in one of the sections in the charter. So for all honorary and official members if mods ask you a question we would normally not answer to non-members. Answer it 1 on 1 with the mod. We're here to play nice and have fun. :) So far so good!
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  5. While I don't have a problem with your age limiting, there is one thing I have to wonder about.

    Had you said 'no girls allowed', 'no gays allowed', 'no blacks allowed', 'no Irish allowed', 'no Muslims allowed' or anything like that, you'd be very blatantly breaking EMC rules. Which leads me to question: is it ethically justified to state 'no under 18s allowed'?
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  6. Someone could take a walk through the wild and find this, making it not so private.
    Also, the majority of people on EMC are under 18.
  7. Age is perfectly fine to limit by. It is not a protected class of discrimination and we understand that when forming groups like this, there may be a certain level of maturity that the owner is looking for that they feel only comes with age. While it is never encouraged to exclude someone based on age, it is perfectly ethical for the situation and is not against the Empire rules.
  8. Thanks for stating this. As well, as I've indicated in other messages this is not an absolute rule. There can be exceptions. I've even explained how a young person can go about getting an exception.

    Basically it's summed up by this: "Get to know me and the leadership. Demonstrate your maturity and adherence to the code of conduct we have. If we think you'll be a valuable addition, we'll invite you in as either a full or honorary member."

    Just to put peoples minds at ease, there has been an exception since day 1. I didn't even realize he was under 18 until he told me so. This has everything to do with how he conducts himself. He's sharp, embodies the values expressed in the charter, polite, and easy to get along with. I'm very glad he's part of the team!
  9. Source?

    It was quite clear that it wasn't against the rules; my query was a question of whether it is right to discriminate on the basis of age. But I think it's cleared up that this is a matter of the owner's personal decision.
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  10. And prior posts in this thread explain why I have the preference I have. It's a matter of prior life experiences. Also, as indicated there has already been at least one exception already granted. So it's not a bind hatred against young folks. It's a matter of keeping my life simple. If they demonstrate maturity and seem like they'll fit in, they'll get invited in, regardless of age.

    If they apply, have a person I only sort of know vouch for them, and are under 18 I'll inform them that I need to personally know them better before I can accept them as a member. If they have someone I trust implicitly vouch for them, they'll be let in.

    It's just that gray zone where they will be told "Sorry, your age scares me a bit for what I want out of this group. You have to prove yourself first."

    Also, if they are over 18, and have nobody to vouch for them, they'll also be asked to prove themselves.
  11. oops misread. ;)
  12. Alrighty, we've established that 18+ isn't concrete nor is it against the rules.

    Let's get this thread back on topic please.
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  13. Now that is one good idea! Never expected such a fuss about a number.

    Lets get back to what Netheric Studies is about :)
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  14. Exactly! Who here also likes lava and forests?
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  15. My bad Kryssyy.

    Between the Community's Outpost based on my idea, and Skylandia, this is probably my favourite outpost at the moment. Really digging the Illuminati feel on it, and the whole ideology and principles. I'm almost tempted to pull out of my current project (on another server) to join... almost.
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  16. Well I'm not offended by people being part of multiple outposts. We're actually a laid back group. We all have real life obligations. Those always come first. However, since I don't know you personally... well you know the drill I've stated it many times in this thread.

    I look forward to talking to you more, fellow lava lover.
  17. I'm pleased to announce that the full/official membership is now the same number of people as the honorary membership! (12 total) Everyone that is a full member take a bow for the values you've embodied since day 1. And for those under 18 thank you for enduring the additional scrutiny! You're very mature folks and I'm proud to have you on the team!

    And honorary members. Thank you for being such cool people so that I felt compelled to extend the offer. It's refreshing to meet folks like you.
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  18. Hello, I would be joyful if I could join this. I have only been on the sever for two days. And I am not 18 nor am I older, but I will obey and follow the rules. Also I am very mature. So i ask may I please join this lovely community.
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  19. Thanks for your interest. Please submit a formal application as outlined in the charter, via the "Inbox -> New Conversation" mechanism provided on this website. :)
  20. Just a simple update here.

    Since the end of January Netheric Studies has seen modest growth. We have had a number of honorary members convert over to full membership and have had internal recommendations as well a "cold call" applicants getting accepted. In fact, I had to edit the original post to point to a separate document to list all of our members!

    I am tickled pink beyond belief about the cool and remarkable folks that have joined Netheric Studies since then. So far so good with everyone embodying the principles outlined in the charter!

    My outpost members rock! *group hug*