Netheric Studies Charter and Recruitment

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  1. Netheric Studies Charter
    Common Goals
    Create, maintain, embrace, love, and perpetuate a tree and plant filled Overworld while living in a peaceful semi-communal manner with others, both members and non-members of Netheric Studies. We aim to pursue a secret agenda, while also keeping off the radar of griefers and while conducting trade back in town.

    Core Values
    • Honesty
    • Respect
    • Peaceful Coexistence
    • Sharing Knowledge
    • Participation in the server / global EMC economy.
    • Sharing Renewable Resources
    • Renewing Renewable Resources
    • Maintaining a Beautiful Landscape
    • Keeping a relatively small server-memory and CPU footprint.
    • Pursing the Secret Agenda
    • Keeping Our Location a Secret
    • Transparency to EMC Staff
    • Obeying EMC's rules before Netheric Studies outpost's rules
    We will use the EMC forums, and the mail system within it, to communicate our public plans and to talk one on one, respectively. For the secret agenda we will use google drive and google documents. Once accepted, please create and use a google account that is/contains your minecraft name so that we can be clear on who is proposing what.

    Member Duties
    Once accepted, all members will have the following duties regarding the Netheric Studies outpost on SMP6.
    • Obey EMC's Rules. This means if you suspect an agenda item or planned event could break EMC rules, let me and others know, which rule, and why you have the concern! I'm new to EMC. I don't want to get banned. I like it here. I don't want you to get banned either.
    • Abide by all decisions made by The Founder. (Perry_Stahlsis) and/or Leadership (designated appointees).
    • Answer all questions the EMC Staff and Moderators have. This is true for all questions they have about what we're up to. If it's a "secret agenda" item, answer it one on one.
    • Keep the landscape clean, and plant filled. This means filling creeper holes as they occur. Replanting trees after harvesting. Using bonemeal to replace flowers. Propagating lilac, roses...etc, with bonemeal instead of harvesting directly.
    • Hide your map status on SMP6. This only applies when visiting the outpost, and traveling to/from the outpost.
    • Be willing to travel 25 minutes, by boat, one way, until frontier outpost teleporting is implemented. (Bring a spare boat or two... in case of squid collisions...) A nether-rail may or may not be in the works and/or exist. You must join to find out.
    • Politely share your knowledge in town and supporter chat. It's OK to occasionally turn off town chat, but please don't leave it off all of the time.
    • Propagate Forests. That's right. Make forests within our demesne. I'm not kidding. Make forests. Lots of them! We like forests. We love forests. We want ALL KINDS of forests! BUT! Don't disrupt sand in the process. Plant cacti on sand instead of tearing it up for forests.
    • Farming. You must provide for your own food, and/or provide excess food for others. If you're providing extra food to others, place it in a clearly marked chest. Farming other than food and animal farming will neither be confirmed nor denied, publicly.
    • Subterranean Mining Only!
      • Never create an open-air mine in the frontier, ever. Not even in our outpost! Open air mines will be filled with dirt and stone, EMC investigator will be used, and the perpetrator ejected from Netheric Studies. There is a zero-tolerance policy on this.
      • No subterranean mines shall have an obvious (from the livemap) entrance. Livemap visible entrances will be subject to revamping/camouflage without notice by the leadership.
      • No mining in sand-filled areas. This is not open for discussion. Go to the wastes or shops if you need sand/glass.
    • Sell your extra items for a fair price in town. Help keep the EMC economy alive! If they don't sell (like dirt, or seeds) keep them in a public use chest. Somebody, member or non-member may want/need them.
    • Harvest Lava.That's right. Collect lava into buckets.
      • This is needed for the secret agenda.
      • Only harvest from the wastes (preferable nether...) and subterranean mines in our outpost.
      • Surface lava is to remain untouched! Do not even consider converting surface lava into obsidian!
    • Keep all of these activities looking, from livemap, as if they could have been generated by the map generator. Leave no obvious trace of our existence on the livemap. Of course when terraforming an Extreme Hills biome to look like a Taiga, the name of the biome won't match the landscape, but that's perfectly fine and to be expected. And yes people watching the map will notice trees suddenly appearing. But they won't see structures....etc. (i.e. Camouflage, then build surface structures. . .)
    • Keep all Redstone and hopper-ish/automated contraptions small. This means no massive farms. This is to minimize our impact on the server. To assist with this, there will be public use devices such as an Autosmelter and eventually a stone generator. Rules will be written on how to properly use and coordinate use of these so as to avoid conflict and accidentally taking each others resources.
    • No altering others properties, locked chests, signs...etc, without permission. This is non-negotiable. Along with this is no stealing. If it's in a chest, and not in your outpost home, and the chest isn't a public / outpost communal chest. It's not yours. Don't take it.
    • Study the nether and assist in the "Secret Agenda" More on this if you're accepted.
    • Finally, keep the outpost location a secret. This is an anti-greifing measure. If you bring a trusted guest to the outpost you're responsible for your guests actions from there, or until the guest becomes a member. This means if your guest griefs or reveals the location to a griefer, you're responsible for that event, even if you didn't authorize it.
    Full Membership
    • Perry_Stahlsis -- Founder and warped persona running the show. Hopefully the show will be mostly self-running. (This is the sole bit of leadership at the moment)
    Other members, full and honorary, will be listed in this document.

    Honorary Membership
    Honorary members are people who are welcome to stop by any time they like. They are not expected to participate in group builds, nor the secret agenda. You may share the outpost location with these people. While not official members they are allowed to use community devices, resources...etc. They are also expected to abide by any applicable official member duties such as "keep the landscape clean" and "keep the outpost location a secret."

    How To Become a Full Member
    • Be 18 years old or older. (Exceptions are possible, just not easy to get)
    • Send Perry_Stahlsis an email via the forums system (i.e. Inbox -> Start Conversation).
    • What to include in the email?
      • That you're interested in joining Netheric Studies
      • Your age.
      • References -- In other words people who will vouch for you, that you're trustworthy, will abide by the rules...etc. They must be from the full and/or honorary membership lists. We will contact your references.
      • What skills/value you believe you can bring to the group. (Examples: Good sense of humor to keep things light and lively, expert redstone worker, good at building, love farming, an eager worker when told how to build something, ...etc. and anything else you can think of... I just want something to list next to your name. :) )
      • If you're under 18, you're clearly asking for an exception by sending this email. This is a good first start in demonstrating maturity. Be patient while additional scrutiny is applied. Even if initially rejected, please don't give up hope. Just be polite, patient, and mature and you'll increase your odds of future acceptance.
      • Even if over 18 and rejected, please understand that not everyone is a good fit for every group. Respectfully move on. If you still wish to assist in public projects, watch the forums. Doing so will also help with future reconsideration of your status.
    • Donate 1 piece of obsidian on arrival to the main building.
    Becoming an Honorary Member
    Honorary membership is granted based on personal interaction and trust from the leadership. Right now that means Perry_Stahlsis. This cannot be applied for. If you believe you've been mistakenly left off the honorary membership list, send Perry_Stahlsis an email.
  2. To be clear, this is also a call recruitment. Please apply if you think you would be a good fit. As blasted formal as the charter is, this will really be a laid-back group. I just wanted expectations to be clear. :)

    Also, if folks who have outposts have advice, ideas on things to add, remove ...etc. Just make polite mention of it below.

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  3. I'm rather embarassed. I misspelled my own outpost name. Could a mod please correct the spelling in the title? it should read Netheric not Nethric. (note the extra e in the correct spelling)
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  4. Edit: The problem was taken care of.
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  5. It was established already. :) I just didn't have a charter at the start.
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  6. May I ask, why 18? I would love to join. But I don't see a reason for age limits.
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  7. Past experiences with other games, have shown that unless I know the person who is under 18, there can be unexpected issues. (i.e. not following rules. Impulsiveness. Unnecessary conflict....etc.) This is not to say there will be with you or anyone else in particular, or that 18+ guarantees there won't be. I've just found it less likely once someone is an "adult."

    I'm just stacking the deck in favor of smooth(er) interactions.

    If you believe you're an exceptional individual, and worthy of an exception, get to know me in game. Be patient. And if I agree that you'd be a valuable addition I'll send you a conversation here inviting you. (This goes for everyone under 18 who thinks this)
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  8. So, you are mostly on which smp? I think I would like to get to know you, especially if I am planning on joining.
  9. I'm not too sure if you are Allowed to put an age requirement on this... EMC is open to all ages and should stay that way.
  10. Considering this is a private outpost, that Perry is 100% in charge of, I believe he has the right to require about whatever he pleases.
  11. Anyways people will just lie lol
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  12. Ha, your funny...
    The only people who have griefed me before were 18+
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  13. Although I'm 100% against the stereotype age=maturity, he's taking a fair precaution against griefing by cutting out the majority of the guilty party...
  14. Also bear in mind, exceptions are possible just not easy. And regardless of age, I must have good reason to trust the people I let in. So far so good. :)
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  15. I gotcha. The same is probably true of me too. And also notice that I mostly focused on personal interactions for my concern, not getting griefed.
  16. oh you mean netheric as in underground not in the nether, had me confused
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  17. SMP6
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  18. Actually I mean as in the Nether. We do have a Secret Agenda.
  19. So im more then a 1000 days old but becouse of a age limit I cant join
  20. And..?