Need 2D Platformer Pixel art Please!

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  1. Hey can anyone make me some awesome 2D pixel art?
    Ill pay you in rupees if you want or items or something
    Ive been working on a cool game but Im not that good of an artist.

    All im going to ask right now unless you want to help further and things is for just some basic world layout blocks.


    Can you please try and make some of the ground art you see here?
    I would love that
    Some more pics of the kind of art I want

    Also spikes and hazards would be nice. With spikes if you could make several pictures of them in different positions that would be awesome, so that I can then animate them.
    more pics

    and 1 more :D


    If you could make doors and spikes and keys and those sorts of items, I would love you forever :)

    Thank you so so so much if anyone can help me here
  2. Also I can pay through CS:GO skins if anyone is interested in that
  3. How many rupees are we talking?
  4. lots
    I also have 2 100k promos I can give out
  5. Hey, I know that game :p
    Hm... I'd only consider myself decent at pixel art, not outstanding. Music is more my thing.
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  6. Would you be interested in making some sort of indie platformer sound effects and music?
  7. I could definitely try. I don't have very much time left for projects like that (although I love doing them), but if you start a private conversation with me, I might be able to do things during the christmas holidays. :)
  8. Awesome! Ill start a convo with you right now, I already tried to start it my self but im horrible at pixel art. Ill show you what I tried to do lol.
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  9. How much is a lot?
    Basically, I can make tilesets, but I'm wondering how many tiles / tilesets I would make and how much I would get for them.
  10. Well we can start by me giving you 10k for some basic platforms
  11. I have done this before

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  12. Can you do that outside of mc?
  13. What do you mean "Outside MC?"
  14. Like are you able to make good pixel art in drawing programs and stuff, not minecraft pixel art
  15. I can also pay you with a 100k promo of your choice and a pickaxe from 100k
  16. If you would like to see my work, here's some of it:

    Sorry about the lack of transparency on some of them.

    Those were just quick sketches. It would be really easy for me to make some sprites for your game if you're interested.

    EDIT: Also, I might need a little more info about what you're looking for, for example:
    What resolution? (16x16, 32x32, etc.)
    What genre? (Roguelike, dungeon crawler, etc.)
    Freehand or GameMaker? (Or something else. A lot of game developers I know use GameMaker.)
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  17. Wow your really good at pixel art, I really like the cactus you made. The game will be more of a dungeon style game with lots of power ups and kinds of platformers that do special stuff, I'm making the game in unity 5/c# and I already have loads of the main game ton, my main issue is the art and good sound effects. I'll start a convo with you and we could discuss it further that would be nice :)
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