N.A.S.A Has made Something that Left our Solar System!

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Cool or No

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Cool :D 44 vote(s) 93.6%
  1. Wow guys, NASA Made something called Voyager 1, They put Records of our life here on earth.
    Everything from Presidents to Sounds. So it has gone as far as any Human made thing has gone. It has just gone past our solar System. We could find new Things, Metals, Creatures and all!
    This is sooo cool!
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  2. This is... amazing, now to find another life sustaining planet! (If they even exist :p)
  3. Or maybe even a whole new life sustaining dimension!

    5 years later:

    Shady manatee says: We have traveled long and far, and we have finally found another life sustaining dimension; the Nether...
  4. Just realized the I don't care choice in the poll.... i chose it, you know why? Because I don't care! I love it!
  5. ... I thought the Hubble went farther out already... :p
    They exist, I could show you some articles about them, but not much is known other than
    A) they have water
    b) they are in the habitable zone of their solar system
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  6. That looks really fragile... :p hope some type of space debris doesn't hit it...
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  7. Hopefully we can see a new planet with life like ours on before it runs out of power! The power on voyager one I believe it to go out in about 10 years from now :) ~FDNY21
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  8. The Hubble orbits the Earth. :)
    The Solar system is more or less an isolated spot of matter. It'll be hundreds of years before the Voyager is within a trillion (literally) miles of anything else.
  9. Oh god, I would Rage so bad...
  10. OOooohhh.
    I get it know, the hubble could SEE farther out... >.<
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  11. Yep, there's a long lecture on this available, but basically, using a telescope on earth wont let you see REALLY far out because the atmosphere absorbs light. From nearby things, there's more light, so you can see it while on earth, but if you want to see the edge of the universe, you have to be farther out. :)
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  12. Yay :)

    Maybe we will find 4 Legged Humans... With 9 arms :cool:
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  13. I want to find a new planet with only pigs to live on it:D
  14. Voyager 1 made it outside the solar system and it only took it 36 years.
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  15. Uhh this happened a few days ago... Last week i think...
  16. This thing is pretty amazing dont you think.
  17. http://xkcd.com/1189/
    ^^ Just wanted to share that one ^^
    New things, metals, and creatures?
    New things - probably, but not anything truly unique, it could probably have been made on earth for the reason below.
    New metals - highly unlikely, due to the fact that to create new elements and metals, you need high temperatures. Very high temperatures. In the area of 5 billion plus Kelvin. By comparison, our sun has a core temperature of 15 million Kelvin. Yeah, pretty unlikely.
    New creatures - definitely the most interesting part, but also the toughest. By an estimate of mine, the nearest planet with life is within 220 trillion km of us. However, this estimate fails to consider that life has not yet arisen on the planet in question, as well as that life has arisen, and was subsequently wiped out. Either way, 220 trillion is an awful long ways to go. Still, gotta love aliens :)
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  18. Maybe they will find a black hole :O
  19. Screw dat!