My Voters Sword Mailed to me?

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  1. I placed my voters sword in an item from accidentally and when I tried to take it out, it disappeared and was mailed to me. Now I'm out at my outpost and I am very far from spawn. Do I really need to go back to town then spend 3 hours getting back here just to get my sword that was in a frame? Why is this a thing anyways? And no my inventory was not full there was plenty of room. Shouldn't items go into your inventory? I've seen the items drop when you are full but why is it mailed.

    Seems silly to have to spend so much time just to get my sword back.

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  2. It is a thing because too many people were losing their voters items due to it dropping on the ground, falling behind walls, etc when popped from an item frame specifically.

    It's either risk losing it due to buggy game mechanics, or know it's safe and sound in your mail.
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  3. Hrmm good addition then :p But should mine not have gone into my inventory? As you see in the image, I had the room.
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  4. Item frames are buggy and their contents get popped to odd locations, like behind walls, inside blocks, etc. It can't go straight to your inventory, so it recognizes it was a soulbound item and mails it to you instead of popping off in a random direction.

    It's inconvenient in far fewer circumstances than it is helpful.
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  5. ;)Senior Staff Service : Mail Delivery
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  6. That's a shame. Took me 3 hours to get here :p

    Thanks :)

    Great now I need a civic number :D
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  7. The message should be changed so that it is worded accurately. "You did not have enough room for all of the items, so they are at your feet." , is inaccurate in two ways in this case. There was room, plus the items weren't left at his feet.

    I wonder if it would be possible to leave the items on the ground for a few seconds or minutes then Mail them some time before they despawn?
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  8. This is likely due to the change for the mailing soulbound items out of item frames coming after the original mailing items when your inv was full. We can poke aikar =)

    As for if it's possible to have a delay, that's another poking aikar case. He's gonna have bruises from all the poking he's been getting from me =P
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  9. My in flight movie for the next 2 hours :D:

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  10. I am confused here.

    He said that he had room in his inventory. As far as I know in Aikar's code, the items go there when plopped off of an item frame. Unless he literally emptied after, I think it is a bug worth looking into.
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  11. Please do. This seems like an interesting problem and I expect Aikar may want to reconsider this. Perhaps he's doing something more sophisticated, but the most obvious way to code this would be to use the name on the item to address the mail and send it off.

    We have two current Auctions for Voter's Items and plenty of people here have alts or borrowed accounts. I'm not sure how many of these items have been swapped around. I have three sets myself. The recent policy change regarding replacement has possibly fueled some of the bidding on these two auctions and who knows what other transactions have taken place.

    Who gets the message? The dropper or the owner? What happens when someone who rightfully owns another person's Voter's Item drops it and it is sent back to the original owner? If the owner gets the message the person who had the item would think that the item was lost, which is the problem Aikar is trying to avoid in the first place.

    What if that person no longer plays/is banned/loses or resells the item/loses it in a purge or derelict reset? I recently had my Residence moved and all my Frames and Pictures popped off the walls during the move. If I had framed someone else's Voter's Items like players do in museums I'd think they were lost forever or bugging you or the original owner trying to get them back.

    Maybe I over think things like this...
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  12. I'm not aware of exactly how the code is set up, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't set up with selling Voters Items in mind, so I'll definitely poke him about that. Could be a bit of an issue there. I haven't heard of the case yet, but it's good to be proactive with it.

    My thoughts would be that it should look for the person that popped the item frame and send it to them, if applicable. Though to be honest, that could be how the system already looks at things.
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  13. Still a problem, since I could have popped ThaKloned's items from the Frame instead of him. It wouldn't even need to be malicious: I may be working with him or accidentally mined into it.
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  14. Just checked this out using my wife's (quiltingnanny) voter's sword. Placed sword in item frame, filled my inventory with items then removed the sword. The message I received was "Received mail from EmpireMinecraft: Dropped Soulbound item. Type /mail to view mail." It was sent to my mail and not quiltingnanny"s mail. I also placed the item in the frame and when I removed it with room in my inventory it returned to my inventory. I repeated this about 6 times and it always returned to my inventory. This is just my experience. This was in town residence.

    Edit: I will go into the frontier and try this out.
  15. Hrmm looks like my accident might turn into something good :D
  16. So I left my outpost at about 12:15 EMC time and made it back to town! Reunited with my precious :D:

  17. Went to the Frontier on smp8 and conducted the same experiments as above and had the same findings.
    I can see this happening if someone hit an item frame in the wastes as I believe they are not protected there.
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