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  1. I never properly introduced myself to the EMC community when I joined back in mid 2014. I was too shy and afraid as I believed I was going to make a fool of myself - but I ended up doing that anyways, but let's move on about that shall we?

    So some of you may recognize me as my previous username, Rainbowpony1000, while others didn't know of my existence, which is fine...but now after reading this threat I expect that you do :p (jk).
    Okay so first off, thank you to everyone who has supported me on my EMC journey so far, even if you are not mentioned in this post and if that is the case I'm incredibly sorry and thank you.

    *~About Me~*

    I joined the empire forums 21 months ago today - just a few days after I'd connected to the server. (almost two years! time does fly...only feels like yesterday I was buying diamonds for 30-50r each) I instantly fell in love with EMC and its community, although I'm not exactly sure if the community feeling was mutual back then. :D

    I'm your average teen - dirty minded, inappropriate, lazy, socially awkward, loud and a heart breaker...but I can also be polite, well mannered and a complete dingus on the other hand. Oh yeah, and I'm Aussie.

    I've heard stories that apparently in 'Murica your toilet flushes backwards? And you have Donald Trump running for president? (okay, so the last one everyone knows) Anyways, off topic..

    Just before my little *accident* with the staff, I got accepted into an accelerated learning program called SEAL which allows me to work at a faster rate than those in mainstream schooling. I'm currently working two year levels above my own (#AcademicGoals), which is probably why I've got so much homework.
    I've been told stories from my teachers that before I was accepted into the program my classmates were like perfect angels but then...I came along and corrupted the lot, which seems pretty believable as I do have that affect on people.

    So I guess homework now takes up majority of my time (if I do be really honest, I should be working on Mathematics homework right now but eh) and any remaining time I have left I spend on more calming activities such as reading and drawing (although I do enjoy a good game of soccer or football with my cousins).

    I have developed a love for music..from 80's to the 00's, from Bon Jovi and Belinda Carlisle to One Direction (Larry is real) and Lifehouse. Pretty much anything I guess. I'm on spotify nearly 24/7, but I'm not going to tell you my username 'cause that's just weird...and uh yeah. I don't really know what else to say? (that's a lie, I do, but I must refrain from saying anything inappropriate #SelfControl)

    Unlike my mates, I however, have no idea what my dream is to achieve in life. As of this moment, I'm just going with the flow and trying a bit of everything until I make the choice that I feel is right. I enjoy film and design, but also have a deep love for soccer, sprints and long jump AND writing (already writing a few books :D). So as you can see, I'm still very much unsure of which career path to choose and may change in the future. But for now, I'm just going to stick to professional stalker.

    *~EMC lyfe~*

    If I remember correctly, I joined on the 7th of June 2014. My home server was SMP3 and I don't remember my res number...I do remember that I was a complete nub though (but I guess I really can't say that as nothing has changed there) and ended up asking random questions in town chat, as everyone does, although I'm not sure how many of you have asked someone for sticks to build a crafting table.

    My first thread on the empire forums has got to be one of the most cringe-worthy things I've ever done, and don't even try looking for the thread as I've deleted my suggestion but I guess the remains of it are still there - you just can't see what I posted..(please I beg of you don't look for any of my earlier threads xD)

    I found a love in horses and loved the whole status thing the horses had, so I built a stable and began selling horses. This was when I met a good friend of mine, BlueVault13 (who is sadly now inactive, RIP). I still to this day have no idea how she put up with me and my childish ways (again, nothing changed there) but I do appreciate all her help.

    Anyways, moving on to a couple of months later.. I caught on to the ways of the empire and I had joined an Outpost (Go cheek out Carthaga!). I met so many new people and befriended many. Such as Suriyakeng, SweetCutey, Kaizimir and Airgasious, I loved helping out and became close to the smaller group.

    A few months on is when I became a bit more serious in the economic side of the Empire. I stopped horse breeding for a bit and went on to build a mall, long story short, it was built and ran for a few months but I eventually took it down and began my horse breeding business. MoeMacZap helped me out at the beginning, allowing me to breed his horses which I'd like to thank him for his kindness. It was around this time that I became close to HashtagHuxlo and MrsWishes - the people I would later be working with in a horse breeding business.

    I like to think that within the passing months after I started to gain some popularity on SMP8, I started to really let myself loose and act my true crazy self and became more comfortable around people on EMC.
    I honestly can't remember how, but I ended up becoming friends with ChrisFlareon (now known as FlareonInAction), Bro_im_infinite and Defne_the_boss (Now known as Dufne) during this time.

    (EDIT) I almost forgot about how SkareCboi and Bro_im_infinite helped me get my front of town spawn res :) I'd really like to thank the both of them for helping me out with that. I've got so many people I'd like to thank, there's just so many that I forget so again, I apologize. But if I do remember something I'll be sure to edit it into the post. Thanks Bro_im_infinite! (btw good luck for college in June mate) and SkareCboi!

    And I'd also like to thank Rhythmically for being a giant pain in my a--jk! I love you mate.. but uh I'm not going to mention the whole Rainbow Car thing - it's too traumatic for myself to explain (that and I can't exactly pin point how it started).

    I ended up obtaining a 139 speed horse soon later - I was over the moon. I worked with MrsWishes and HashtagHuxlo in breeding horses and all was perfect around this time. I constantly held auctions for 130+ speed horses as some may recall and became more on the forums and became more addicted to EMC by the day, which is where my problem began.

    *~May 2015-Ten Minutes Ago~*

    I was banned in late April/early May last year for reasons I do not wish to talk about. I was devastated at the discovery of my ban and would worry that it would be the end of my friendship with many on EMC, but I think the saddest part was is when I finally thought 'what am I going to do with my life now?'. That was a huge wake up call for myself and I will take this time now to apologize for all my actions. I did, in the end, get my account purged (obviously) but I decided to take a bit of a break from Minecraft all together to focus on my real life and to set my priorities straight. Only when I had done this would I come back onto EMC. It is for this reason I thank the staff that banned me as I think I'd be fairing worse off than I am today if this event was to not occur. I'd also like to thank the people that stuck by me during the time of my ban, including; BlueVault13, FlareonInAction, Bro_im_infinite, HashtagHuxlo, MrsWishes, CadenMann, Jadziaa, ChickenDice, Dufne and Techninja_42.

    During the time of my ban I became more outgoing and found many new interests and took in more hobbies that filled in the gaps that I would've otherwise been spent on the empire, I focused more on my grades and at the time of reports I had improved greatly academically and became one of the best-improved students. I'm still afraid that I will become addicted to Minecraft again and play for the many hours I used to, but I don't think my current time table and routine will be allowing for that.
    So it is for this reason that about ten minutes ago (give or take a couple of minutes) that I'm now ready to come back and be apart of the EMC community once again, only if you will accept me back into your community though. (not as often however)
    (P.S If you read all the way to the bottom you have no life, but thank you for reading about 21 months of mine)
    (oh and click the like button below ...)
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  3. I think I'm going mad. I swear I remember using 6 sticks to create a fence and four wooden planks and two sticks to create a gate....
    Btw thanks for the like :D
  4. The recipe was changed for 1.8 update.
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  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think speed 139 horses are obtainable? Nevermind!
  6. You're wrong, corrected. You can obtain horses up to speed 139.9, anything above 140 will automatically be reassigned a random speed.
  7. Smart ;)
  8. Just shows how far behind I am in the Minecraft world...
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  9. Who could forget RainbowPony. I remember you on smp3 which is my home server. Good to see you back. ;)

    PS: great post, :) nice and long. Shell will be jealous. :p
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  10. I remember when I was new you had a res near mine and you changed the enter message to "Welcome to TromboneSteve's residence" I didn't know you could change res messages then so that really confused me :p
    I also read to the bottom, I have no life.
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  11. I remember you on the forums but not in game :)

    Welcome back as well! You haven't missed much except many new crafting recipes and such. I hope you have a great time back and stay for as long as possible :)

    EDIT: Soccer is the best sport out there. Keep it up, just keep in mind that Ronaldo is better ;)
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  12. You and me built the lighthouse in carthaga!
    Glad to see your still ok!
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  13. I decided to troll and pick the middle two answers but I did read your story. It is quite interesting how things change from about a year ago. As you may know, EMC is changing over to 1.9 maybe
    But in the mean time, you can catch up with the 1.8 update and regain friends now when they are changing over. I really don't know what else to say so welcome back.

    I don't know you from game or here but always willing to open my doors to meet and greet you. Have Fun now ;)
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  14. Ah, I read it all, and it was worth it!
    Thanks for writing, it was nice to see something from you again!
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  15. Thank you guys for all the nice messages! Got up this morning and was reading through them all and it brought a smile to my face. Great way to start the morning so thank you again, I really do appreciate it :)
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  16. Hey,

    I don't know you, but than again I hardly know anyone on the server, I was away too long xD it seems everyone I did know left or became part of the staff, anyways, I read almost everything, it was fun, I'll admit I skipped some lines xD but I can admit I read at least 85%.
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  17. xD Well thank you and welcome back yourself! I'll see you around on the server sometime, yeah? :)
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  18. Totally Yes :D and thanks ^^
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  19. I think a "thank you" is worth more than the fact that I haven't got a life ;)
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  20. A belated-belated reaction (was writing up something yesterday, but then got distracted with some urgent issues) but finally...

    Finally an introduction which can rival my own standards of writing! It seems my EMC life is complete; I am no longer the only one who wrote an essay for his introduction :) Anyway, so far I haven't heard of you but then again; with so many players coming and going here its hard to keep track. I'm already happy that I manage to keep everyone apart on my own home server ;)

    What is so weird about that? No, this is not nubbyness, but a clear sign that you are about to unlock the great mysteries of Minecraft...

    How to make a crafting table using sticks...

    First you get the sticks, make sure to get 4 because that's an even number. Helps keep the evil spirits away. Then eggify an animal, preferably a mooshroom. Because they can get you stew when used with wooden bowls. Items which you can also "get" using sticks, but lets not divert from the story too much.

    Now you got a spawn egg. And its time to make a choice... First you can do is to sell the spawn egg, then use your rupees to buy a crafting table. Easy!

    A better way is to release the animal in the wastelands. This can attract hostile mobs so get ready to kill 'm with you bare hands! (for the drama effect). Skeletons may drop bones and arrows, zombies rotten flesh. Sometimes also iron, carrots or potatoes. Fighting skeletons is a sure way to attract creepers.

    So when the creeper comes along make sure it explodes near a tree! Pick up the log, convert it to planks and craft yourself a crafting table. Presto! One crafting table made while starting with sticks.

    See, you're in luck too. Because when all else fails you can simply blame SMP8 for it and no one will be the wiser. Heck, just point 'm to the disclaimer which pops up the very moment you enter that place and all should be well again :)

    I do this all the time and it works miracles... Sometimes.... But anyway, yeah...

    I'd start with a welcome to the Empire and all but that doesn't really work too well anymore I guess. Even so; nice to have met you and thanks for your shared peek into your Empire history :)
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