My New Car

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  1. Super nice car man. I love it!
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  2. Planning to get a Fox Body Mustang and build it up to a fast mountain cruiser so major suspension/brake modifications and Internal upgrades. That's way down the road due to lack of funds and living situations. Already have two related projects a 1983 Honda s 185XL and a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9L Limited.

    The Jeep is my daily, just clocked 140,000 and the next project is to get adjustable front upper and lower control arms. The latest winter storm delayed my parts from Rusty Offroad in Rainbow City, AL. I'll have a video of that repair coming next weekend. Glad that my age of folks aren't backing down from building a car :) I would go WAY into detail of what I have done but I don't want to take your spotlight ;)
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  3. I'm not very knowledgeable in like internal engine/transmissions but as far as the other stuff I can manage ;). I think i will replace the orange markers in the front with an actual LED kit instead of some vinyl. It turned out horrible in my opinion and isnt nearly as dark as the rest of the stuff.
    Thanks Equinox.
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  4. I know this is a super long time after you said you had fiberglass damage, but that's repairable yourself for relatively cheap. You can even fix the paint to look good as new, often times the dealers have paint fix kits for exactly your color for relatively cheap. I got one for my crosstrek and can fix basically any scratch to look as good as new despite being a multi-layer pearl white paint.
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  5. Nice!
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