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  1. Hello, I have made a promo video for EMC, the recording took me hours and hours from small things such as searching for the mini bosses to film or trying to get a group of people together to kindly help me out for the video. I used a grime instrumental track for the video mainly for fun and the beat but I am constantly around the genre of music and personally like it. I would like to see everyone's opinions on what they like/don't like about the video and REMEMBER, I "over edited" this, I already know and some people prefer it edited lots and some people prefer it more raw. Thanks.
  2. Its a good video! If you enjoy doing that you should consider applying for the stream team :)
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  3. Yeah dw man, when i 100% finish the video its my application for the team
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  4. I like it, it isn't the music I like, but I like the way you used that music, and, I love those "extreem" edits, I ony don't like the way you did do the minceral mincer, but, I guess, I live it after all :)
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  5. I will admit, I liked this video. The flickering at the beginning when you were "zooming out" to see the words plot annoyed me though :p
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  6. Thanks for your opinion <3 I wanted to make a "creative" way of showing the mineral mincer if you get what I mean and I myself don't LOVE the way it turned out but I feel it shows the people who have never played EMC before how cool the promos are
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  7. Okk xd thanks dude
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  8. this is great :D, what editing software did you use? :p
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  9. My homie - Sony vegas

    I used to use premiere and after effects but I try and use vegas almost all the time now unless I'm editing a vid like csgo etc
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  10. I like it too, although I have to agree the flickering bothered my eyes a bit. But thats just me, flickering lights and stuff tend to bother me and can give me a headache :confused:

    Overall though I like the video and enjoyed seeing the way you showed EMC's features.
  11. Yeah, I really didn't like the stuttering transitions. As you said, it's a bit over-edited. Like all the night/day switching was a bit over the top.

    The shop part was a bit too drawn out, though I thought the falling guy was comical and made sense (with the buying/selling aspect, not the randomly falling people buying your diamonds)

    The top-left text was less noticeable during certain scenes, like the "Build outposts in our non-resetting frontier" part. Which, confusingly, was filmed in a town area.

    also, lol @streamteam. Why do we even have that staff position
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  12. Just to prevent confusion: the community teams (build, contribution and stream) are just that: community. It is not a staff position and being a member of those teams also doesn't grant you any special powers or such, apart from that which you applied for of course.

    For example: the only extra ability I have as a contribution team member is the option to click "edit" on certain wiki pages, access to the EMC blog where I can edit my posts and start new ones and finally I have access to a specific forum section where we (staff & team members) discuss team related topics.
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  13. That infact is an outpost called maximus i think and is not in town.
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  14. Well.. That was awesome! Like Sach said apply for the stream team :D
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  15. Thanks!
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  16. Nice video!!!!! I like it!
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  17. safe babe
  18. I was looking at the staff webpage to find out who was in it. Not sure how forum "titles" are chosen to display one over the other, but I saw "Stream Team Leader" as BigDavie's title, so assumed as it being the title displayed in the staff section, that it's a staff position.

    Call it a mix of my poor wording ("staff" vs. "community team") and the staff page's misleading-ness.

    I saw the uniform roads, they looked way too much like town, but upon closer inspection, you are right :p
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  19. The video is pretty cool :3
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  20. thanks man
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