My Custom Resource Pack

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Publicize Or Private?

Publicize It! "Its more beautiful that my girlfriend!" 58 vote(s) 92.1%
Keep it to yourself... "Even default is better" 5 vote(s) 7.9%
  1. So I've heard that a lot of people like my resource pack and would like to use it . Basically I found a load of texture packs and combined them to make the ultimate one. Note that some of the textures are created by me and this Is because I didn't like any of the textures the other resource packs were offering. I guess this could become a big thing but I'm not sure I want to release it. Please vote what you would like me to do ; Keep It to myself or publicize it.

    Here are some examples of the resource pack in EMC. If you would like to see more images of the resource pack -maybe its a certain block you adore- don't hesitate to ask me

    And yes, i did make the XP bar Haha.

  2. That looks so realistic!!!!!
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  3. Very Nice...
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  4. Holy cow, that looks amazing! I need this texture pack... :eek:
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  5. I know!! right?
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  6. Wow! Huge feedback already?
  7. We are so not lieing about the texture pack
  8. Very nice!
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  9. This pack is amazing! Great job! MUST.........HAVE........TEXTURE PACK!!!!
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  10. What do you mean thankyou? XD
  11. I realized that...
    I edited it like 2 seconds ago. :p
  12. You are not allowed to post any texture/resource pack that has contents of others

    you are only allowed to make it public with permission from the original texture creators
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  13. I need dis nao
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  14. Can you show me where you found this disclaimer?
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  16. I like how you have the moon's texture as the earth. :)
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  17. Dang...
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  18. Actualyl thats part of the sky the moon is still the moon
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