Most Painful Moments?

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  1. What is your most painful moments? From leaving your finger in the pencil sharpener or getting hit by a car?
    I guess mine might of been when I was very little I was on these monkey bars and I fell off and hit my had really hard on this thing >.<
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    on the side note ive broken bones from falling down the stairs/ biking about 4 times
  3. Painful? Kinda like yours, I was on monkey bars, my brother went to throw a soccer ball at me and hit me, before he could I fell, broke my leg, at a park nearby my house (Luck), but I spent the night at my house with a serious broken leg in pain, but the WORSE thing about that night, I went to get up to get a drink, and I went to lean on my good leg and I slipped and stood on my bad leg and fell to the ground, the pain that shot through my leg was unbearable
  4. unBEARable hehehe
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  5. My first plan for this skin was a bear in a suit ;)
  6. When I was in my last year in elementary school I thought I could do anything. I would jump around the jungle gym like a parkour ANIMAL. So one day I felt like I could overcome anything. The hardest thing to do was to jump from the slide to the monkey bars. The distance between the two were about 2 feet away (which was a huge amount of distance when I was little). I got a running start and got my hands on it. But I let go at the wrong time and did a flip, landing on my wrist. And of course it broke. Honestly, my life flashed before my eyes :p
  7. A few years ago, when I got my finger stuck in a car door. Ouch.
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  8. Too many to name.
    I have fell backwards off a swing and smacked my head on rock.
    I have been been stabbed in the stomach with a pencil and had it dragged down.
    I have been hit in the face way too many times. One time I smashed my head onto the side of a bed and split inbetween my nose and my lip.
    I have a scar down the left side of my face, from an operation that saved my life. That is not really painful, but death is, and the scar is a constant reminder.
    So yeah, I have many. And many more. I also stood on a sharp rock in the water. I always wondered what that red puddle around my foot was when I was sitting in the sea.
    Anyways, stay safe :)
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  9. I was skating at a school skate party and then I went into the bathroom which had stone floors. When I came out of the bathroom, another kid was going in and he tried to balance on my when I lost my balance. I fell backwards and put my hand down to catch my fall and broke my wrist.

    Another time was when I was riding on a four wheeler for the first time. I went around the corner of a house and there was a hill. I went airborne and fell off the atv. When I looked up, the atv rolled on to me and the wheels grinded into my knee underside and thigh. I tried to push the ATV off of myself and I grabbed the exhaust pipe while the ATV was still running. I had bandages on for at least a month or more.
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  10. Oh yeah, remember something that scared me, I made a blanket fort and put a heavy rock on my tv with a sheet, and I pulled the sheet down once and the rock fell on my face and made one of my teeth slated :)
    But I guess my best survival was I was riding a bike on the side of the rode, got hit by a truck, and only broke my pinky :)
    The lawsuit was nice, 19k$ :)
  11. Let's see... I have broken a toe from walking into a chair, I broke my arm, I dropped a refrigerator on my finger, I cut head and had to get stitches (I was three so I don't really remember that though), but most painful of all was probably burning my airway (just don't even ask).
  12. I've had too many.
    I've cracked open my head when I was little,
    have gotten glass in foot (cut the whole thing open)
    a knife in the same foot as above...
    broke my arm from a hard fall,
    have smashed my finger which turned purple for a while...

    I'm a bit of a rebel so >_<
    if you see me ever at a Park I'd likely get in trouble xD
  13. I have 2 moments:

    When I was 8, I thought I should try to stop a blender. Worst. Idea. Ever.

    When I was young, I went to the garage and stepped on a nail. Nothing serious, hurt trying to get it out though
  14. My very first job I worked as a cook in a restaurant and i was working near the deep fryers, the basket had accidentallyfell in and the hot grease splashed all up my arm.. ya it hurt D:
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  15. Stepped on a lego once
  16. I'm going to put one of my brother's best stories that we always joke about:
    When my brother was younger, he was playing hockey in the kitchen with my dad, the ball went under a counter and my brother went to go get it, the stick hit the counter and the stick hit him..well right below his jewels, my brother went over in pain so my dad rushed him to the doctors... luckily he only bruised a jewel and didn't do any damagebefore he could even consider kids.
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  17. I once had a huge fight with these teens at a neighbor's birthday party that ended up with me getting bleach spilled on me and the other kid dying. I also cut a smile into my face to show my happiness and burnt off my eyelids so that I may always see my beautiful face in the mirror. :]

    But other than that, I've stubbed my toe quite a few times.
  18. Jeff the Killer?
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