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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Blondekid42, Jun 28, 2016.

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  1. With all the EULA stuff planned, what will happen to those who already own 4 residences?

    I know I haven't done much with mine, but I like having my quadrant on smp6... :)

    No offense guys, but I want a staff response, not guesses or possibilities. I haven't heard anything about this subject and really wanna know.
  2. Residences will not be taken away if you already have them, unless you go derelict.

    That much I can say for sure.
  3. Will things change within a week from now? I need to move and claim some residences, but this (due to personal reasons) cannot be done before next week Tuesday or Wednesday.
  4. No, We're focusing on updates the players actually want :p
  5. Thanks, and that's probably best, yes :p
  6. What EULA stuff is being planned? Can someone share with those of us who don't know what's going on.
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  7. Mojang in banning servers that are "pay 2 win". In EMC there was kinda only one that was like so and was buying rupees and got removed, but since mojang is picky, other things must go(i believe) or be obtainable eventually
  8. Yeah so this is the same thing that has been going on for a while then because this came up months ago. Or did something new happen specifically with EMC where they were told to change something?

    and what does having multiple town res plots have to do with pay2win?
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  9. *coughcoughdragontombscoughcough*
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  10. *5 years later*

    Dragon Tombs are finally released!
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  11. EMC has not been contacted, we are trying to make small changes ahead of time to make us not a concern so its on our own timeline vs forced.
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  12. Thanks for the replies Krysyy and Aikar. Thread may be closed. :)
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  13. I can take care of that for ya Blondekid. =]

    This thread is now closed to further comment

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