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  1. Hello all! For those who didn't know, I am currently a college student minoring in Studio Art. I haven't shared my art on the forums in a while, so I thought I'd post some more! :D

    This semester, I have been taking an Oil Painting class. I had never used oil paints until I started this class. It has been a fun (but also very messy and time consuming) process!

    The most recent project was practicing the Cangiantismo technique. Instead of adding white or black to get darker/lighter, it moves around the color wheel. Purple is the darkest, and yellow is the lightest.

    We also did a series of self portraits.


    Impasto (thick paint that follows the contours of the person/object):

    Optic color (layering multiple colors instead of putting the exact color on):

    Abstract (I really don't like abstract, so here's a frog lol):

    We started the class with a still life to learn how to use values and mix paint:

    I've also taken a drawing class. I love using colored pencils, but the class used a lot of charcoal. It was fun, but I don't really like being messy, and charcoal happens to be INCREDIBLY messy!

    This is a self portrait still life that I drew with colored pencils!

    This one is a charcoal still life:

    Ceramics was so much fun, but also a super stressful class because I had to spend about 24hrs in the studio every week to get the work done. :eek:

    A vase with a Chinese Dragon:

    A pineapp-bowl! ;)

    A peacock bowl!

    Tiny ceramic cowboy boots! :love: :<3: I currently have these on my office desk holding flowers.

    Ceramic toilet paper inspired by covid. :D

    Old commission threads (not currently accepting commissions, sorry!):
    I'll try to post some more updates here later! I also have an Art Discord -- feel free to join! :D
  2. Ceramic toilet paper made me chuckle lol
  3. Lovely work Moople! You are a very talented person, and it has been such an honor to be part of your Discord server since you began drawing for people in 2018. I've enjoyed seeing every piece of art you've created since and it's fun seeing how you've advanced as time has gone on.

    Thank you so much, as always, for sharing your art with us on EMC, and in your Discord server. I am always happy to see what others create! :D
  4. All your works of art look amazing. The frog is awesome and the still life with the swan in it looks like a photo.

    Your self portraits series came out great but the first one with you looking over your glasses with that powerful stare is something I will remember the next time I fall through a burning floor. Maybe with a little sinister laugh too.
  5. Fantastic! You have a great skill conveying your thoughts into a physical product. I have done woodwork for decades and can see the detail and love you put into your projects. When its fun, it shows and I can see your having a blast doing this. Thanks for sharing your work with us.
  6. Love the self portraits lol
  7. i like the evil looking moremoople
    but dragon on pot also looks cool
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  8. I'm in awe. Those are amazing!

    Thank you for explaining the technique used. I learned so much from the examples.
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  9. Arrrrr, matey! Did sum'un 'ere say "Hoard"!!!!
  10. Wow Moopies!! =D These are great! I love that you're enjoying what you're doing & sharing with us as well as telling us what you were doing & what that means. I enjoyed all of it! You so :cool: <3
    (I must say .. I don't enjoy abstract at all either)
  11. is ther a digitale copy of evil looking moremoople
    no qestions asked
  12. I love this. :D

    I'd seen most of these in the Discord sever already, but I am very much in favour of sharing them on the forum as well. :D
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