Momentus / Marlix Farm

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  1. Does anyone have a Momentus / Marlix farm? or idea on how it'd work?

    A way to contain them and farm the Enraged creatures they spawn with reduced risk? :)
    Or tactics to fight them without killing them, to farm the Enraged?

    If diamond drops are not enough reason to farm Enraged creatures. We will now get 'fragment' drops required for DT some time down the line.

    Now I don't know how far away it is, but changes to group benefits are coming as well. Which will make monster hunting in groups even better.

    I've wondered about how to do this for a while, and could not find a good solution. Though I do have some ideas.

    Please let me know if you are interested in pursueing this with me, or can offer some insight into how these mobs work?

    I'm going to start experimenting. :) See what I can find out.
  2. The times I have been farming in the waste or wild, I've noticed certain ways or places they spawn.

    I've also noticed they despawn almost instantly for some reason. Anyone know why?

    I've managed to spawn one into a 'cage', but it didn't stay there, despawned.
  3. Not sure if a farm would be good, seeing that it will teleport you to it.
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  4. There used to be ways to farm them, but they were removed to prevent diamond farms
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  5. Warning: I have plans to nerf using them as long term farms. There will be a limit on how many enraged they spawn.
  6. ok cool, thanks Aikar.

    Might change plans towards a darkroom spawner anyway.
  7. Yeah, I think bite and Ninja had some sort of farm based around a Momentus, but previous updates around it lead them to abandon the project I believe.
  8. I've tried a few things.. somewhat successful, but for whatever reasons, the mometus and marlix despawn when i have them where i want them. I think perhaps Aikar has coded them that way so as not to be farmable in risk-free way. :)

    Which is excellent! means you gotta hunt them as they are meant to be. :)
  9. spawn in one batch, or spawn in one lifetime?
  10. A lifetime, or else it wouldn't really be patched. :p
  11. I think you can keep the mobs from spawning by renaming them with a name tag. Just be sure you're actually close enough to rename them - I think there's a bug where it looks like it worked, but it's only client-side. Of course, that won't help you build a farm if Aikar nerfs it, but it'd still be pretty cool to have a Marlix in a cage :)
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  12. cannot rename them as far as i know, here in EMC that is.
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  13. keep working on it plz i really want those shards
  14. I tried something out where it was simply a momentus in a big square that it couldn't escape with water at the feet, such that the zombies would flow outwards. Reasonably productive, broke quite quickly.
    I haven't seen any such long term farms, and if there are, they are no doubt targets for nerfing.
  15. Yea I tried something similar. but momentus just pounded my armor... Didn't think it was worth it anyway :)
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  16. If anyone does have a Marlix/Momentus farm, I doubt they would share the design, let alone location, as it would simply be too lucrative.
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  17. Yes, a lot of players will be like that. :) I'm looking for the ones who are more inclined to share and improve.

    I've developed a couple of farm ideas myself. But have noticed Aikar has already coded them with a little AI to avoid 'traps'. They tend to simply despawn. lol

    I'm going to focus instead on 'strategies' for farming naturally occurring min-boses. And with the improved grouping benefits coming, it's going to make it very fast/east to farm them with a few friends.

    I'm usually a solo act, I get things done faster that way. But I'm going to work on my 'team' skills and join/start a town/clan or whatever to do this and other stuff. :) SMP5 is quiet, but the times i'm on is even more quiet, so not sure if that's going to work for me lol
  18. Hmm, I used to have a 6 momentus trap...used to...sadly they all glitches out
  19. Hey! The times you're on, I'm usually on too. I'm not much of a fighter though. :oops:
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  20. We shall go hunting together, or mining and stuff :)
    When Aikar is done, we'll have efficiency 6 or something in a group. can mine stone like using a haste beacon.

    ATM, i'm in the wild building a public farm facility with various farms. Even using group buffs doing it would be good. (150 x 150 area to dig out to bedrock)