MM: new beginnings - screenshots

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  1. soooo, if you were at the revival event of Miner Mania last night(which i believe was most of the server at one point) you'll know it was quite some fun :) throughout the event, i, for some reason, found it difficult to stay away from my F2 button, thus resulting in these. just some fun shots i got throughout the night, enjoy! :p

    selfie with K and others

    "premium seating" for ultipig

    and we're off!

    waiting for dawn to break

    our first casualty *sigh*


    jewel_king's churros now open!

    ultipig took me as his prisoner.. i took dreamyfeather as mine :3

    an image i just found funny

    what we started as..

    ...and what we became

    close-ups on amazing player houses

    thanks for the amazing event krysyy :) i hope atleast one person enjoyed these photos hehe
  2. Great screenshots, DGG! Thanks for sharing. :D I'll have to check this out in-game soon!
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  3. I'm not exactly sure why but these made me really want to play again lol
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