[MISSING] Fred is missing!

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  1. April Fools Day is nearly passed and I have not seen head nor tail of Fred. What a Waste of this special day to go without our skiddish mascot poking his head into our Mining Adventures. Normally I would find him on the forums, but I think he may be running and hiding from me...

    What to look for? Well... I can't really remember, but I think Fred is a gray cat, probably yellow eyes. Fred likes to be nearby but runs away when given attention. Stalking from the shadows of the night can make cats more confident though. I have not found Fred to be coaxed by fish like other cats I know. Even if trapped, I would not plan on Fred sticking around; Fred will probably skedaddle within an hour. Please don't hurt Fred, not that you mere mortals could anyway - without some cheap shots. haha.

    I hope that you all can help me out! This is obviously of the HIGHEST importance.
  2. Fred is too overwhelmed when around chickeneer. April Fools! Maybe get his favorite food bread?
  3. rip Fred AND Aikar ðŸŠĶ💀
  4. fred is dead... oof
  5. Kinda weird joke? Neither Fred nor Aikar are dead... Missing is not ded
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  6. I am assuming this is going right over my head.
  7. Will Fred be around just for today? I did get to see him but he despawned before I could get close.
  8. Aikar is missing?! :eek:
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  9. Here is Fred. I can't eggify him though.

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  10. no... *sigh. Aikar is not missing nor dead.
    Only fred *was missing
  11. both are in reality no longer with us :(
  12. huh? I don't live in that reality.
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  13. i can mail him tho you
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  15. Aww, can't be egged tho, ...

    Sad face 😞

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  16. i want fred as my pet add fredselend want
  17. I ran into Fred out in the waste at a village I visited. I thought he was another player out treasure hunting as well. He didn't seem to want to chat for a bit so I left him alone to talk with the creepers. :p
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  18. add fredselent want 1 use promo that efry 1 can egg 1
  19. :( I was going to ask what would happen if one tried
  20. He visited me at my little hunting cabin in the wastes of SMP7. He didn't want any of the fish I offered him.