Misc Updates/Bug Fixes - 8/2/15

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  1. Another step closer to name changes! This update is primary to get us closer to name changes, but also a few fixes here and there!

    • Internal Changes to Residences - Before we identified the "identity" of a residence purely by its name. Now we will assign a UUID to every residence so we can better use this internally. You will never see this value (except maybe in a future debug message to report to me).
    • Changes to Entity Ownership in Town - Entities used the Residence name to know where "home" was, in relation to the previous listed change. But the names can change when SS do Residence moves... or with Name Changes... So we can't rely on name anymore. We will now convert the Name to our new internal ID when an entity is loaded, so that it will reliably know how to find its home.
    • Help poor 607 not get ignored by random players who typed /ignore ?
    • PvP Arenas (should) now respawn you right at the entrance of the floor you died
    • Town LiveMap now expanded to allow it to show the new res's. Also set proper size limits on Wastelands Live Map.
    • Performance Improvements to Live Map (found new settings)
    • Added Link to bottom left of livemap to generate a link to the current view of the livemap to easily share locations to others.
    • Overall server performance improvements
    • Fixed duration of an /ignore, now expires after 1 month instead of 1 day.
      ** NOTICE ** forgot to mention in last thread that ignores are now Temporary.
      The duration is now 1 month, however each time you issue /ignore on a player, it adds another month. So if you're sure you want to ignore a player long term, just go ahead and issue the command 12 times to make it last for a year.

      This was done to help with players using /ignore because of a player being troublesome at that time, and then not realizing someones talking a year later who could be behaving now... chat disruptions are temporary, so ignore should be too.

      If someone causes enough issues to warrant consistent ignoring, they are potentially breaking rules (harassment) and you may be able to report them for it.
    • Another attempt at protecting Item Frames from falling to the ground. We've had a few reports of this still happening... Can't figure it out yet but now item frames will only be removed by hitting them, and will no longer drop due to attachment problems.
    • Hopefully resolved issues with heads using different skins. Heads are now using a different value per skin so that the client will hopefully no longer cache 2 different heads as same skin.
    • New Residences enter/leave messages now use the closer to original value of /res message default owner.

      Old school Residences may of said "Welcome to Aikar-4's Residence". that -4 doesn't make much sense when its in the context of who owns it. the owner message is simply "Welcome to Aikar's Residence" even if it's Aikar-4.

      We had reports of "broken res messages". They weren't broken... just a new option. ALL players, including free, can use /res message default [owner,address,residence] to change it. currently /res message default defaults to the new (and the one I just removed "Welcome to Residence Aikar-4" format.
    • SrStaff may no longer accidentally kill all of Town's animals. Our /butcher command now FORCES a radius.
    • /deathlog now shows the reasons on the tooltips. This was previously accessible by /deathlog true. A comment was also added to the bottom of the deathlog output informing you that you can do /deathlog true to see the reasons below the times. If you want an easier view of your death reasons, /deathlog true will give it to you cleaner so you don't have to hover.
  2. Very nice :)
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  3. Tbh the expiration date on the ignore list is not smart. Heres why: When I ignore someone, I don't have the plans to ever hear from that person again. I have to re ignore them each month? People don't change in a month. I want to ignore someone FOREVER if I must. I liked the old ignore list. The people I put on there never bothered me again when I had them on there but now I have to deal with their crap again every month because the system says I should hear and talk to them every month. No thats crap. I don't wanna know they exist after I put them on my ignore. Amend that patch. Nobody wants to keep an actual list of who to re ignore every month because this system clears that for us. If you really want to have this timer on the ignore list. Make it 6 months up to a year. Maybe then some people will change but a month is too short. I don't think anyone on my ignore list will change within a month. As a matter of fact, I don't think they will ever change so I will have to keep ignoring them until they quit the server.
  4. Hidden in the wall of text. You can simulate permanent ignoring of a player by running the command more times.
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  5. Or instead of me having to run the command a thousand times to simulate hundreds of years. Why can't the system just recognize "Hey he wants to permanently ignore that person". I shouldn't have to sit there for 30 mins to ignore someone forever. Thats insanity.
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  6. Seems like a lot of effort to have to do the /ignore command 12 times in a row to be able to ignore someone for a year. probs get kicked for spam before you make it to 12 times too.
  7. Hope it is worth it to you then. :)
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  8. 1 question if theres time for this where is dragon tombs ? Isnt the majority of the server wamting it instead of the minority wanting little things like this?
  9. Nice. In the future (Sorry if I missed this in the old thread), will there be a way to see who's ignored you?
  10. It is definitely possible for us to add this now... But, personally I don't think we should add it. There are no positive consequences of access to this information.
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  11. I really like how you did it, making it temporary, but leaving the possibility to ignore someone for a long time.
    And seriously, you won't get kicked for only 12 times the same command. You don't have to type it in every time, either. How do you get mail, normally? Type it out once, and then just do "up, enter, up, enter, up, enter, up, enter" you can ignore someone for a year within 30 seconds.
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  12. if theres enough demand we can add a command to make it perm.
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  13. I have previously been kicked for opening too much mail, and that was done /+up+enter
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  14. The amount of people changing their names on this server is actually quite large now, and I would prioritize everything in front of DT(I want it, but I don't want bugs in normal gameplay.) Dragon Tombs is also a HUGE project, and Aikar and a couple other devs are doing it 100% themselves. I don't know if you've ever coded but not too far in you realize you've been there 4 hours past midnight and you need sleep badly.
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  15. I predict that Dragon Tombs will come out after 1.9 is released since Mojang will just do the code for it.
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  16. Dude my thoughts my brain i have a 1 way mind if things are promised but not delivered i take those to priority thats the way i think of people have a problem with that so be it those people i try to keep away from me as for the ignore that actually annoying alot of people dont change not all the people on igmore are kids some are also adults adults are pretty much as mature as they are getting and making where you have to do the command multiple times is ridiculous ever with up and enter its really annoying and is a waste pf time to do so life is limited every SECOND counts 30 additional seconds to that gets annoyong instead of adding that wouldnt it just be easier to have a monthly reminder in chat to check ignore list amd try to encourage more chances as for coding past midnight 1 its unhealthy but thats the persons life 2 thats why theres energy drinks and 3 some people are fine with 3 hours of sleep and as for devs not that many on here probably add more experienced people who know what they're doing to try to make it faster but also make it well
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  17. I can believe that
  18. 1. This was the most confusing thing I have ever read.

    2. The dev team is all people who already work full-time jobs you realize, and they want to have some fun in their spare time. They don't work for you, or me, or anyone on this server. They volunteer their time and anything they do should be appreciated.

    3. If "every SECOND counts" I really don't know what you do... How is MC not a waste of time then? 30 seconds is 1/2880 of your day.

    4. I definitely would not want to stay up to 4AM every morning on energy drinks when I have work to do the next... If that's your thing then good for you. If you don't do this why don't you try it for a week and see how all your performance will drop off near the end.