Misc Updates 6/1/14 (Nightly Reboot)

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  1. Not force sending these updates out - they will come as each server does their nightly reboot! Posting now as I'm about to go to bed

    • Added a /time command to show an official EMC time of EST/EDT. So planning events can go around "EMC Time"
    • Added the other formatting codes such as underline/strike/bold to /colors
    • Revamped /help to include more info and use the new Chat Click Interface
    • Revamped all /help to have consistent headers
    • Updated some /help links to use updated .emc.gs links instead of old empire.us/guide links
    • Updated the /rules in game
    • Updated Tutorial Starting set to include a shovel and axe
    • Removed Zombie Plague from Player Settings
    • Added Live Map buttons to the Assistant to always show in all locations (so in town too)
    • Fixed the bugged color codes for new player signs
    • Updated the New Player Guide book to talk about the Assistant and to use it for notes
    • Updated the New Player Guide book to be soulbound
  2. Sounds good. Will existing New Player Guides update, or new item?
  3. New item only, that book was written before I got to the "Self Updating" items, and that would also require the books contents to be written by code instead of in game.
  4. Very cool. So will the new Starter Shovel and Starter Axe have unbreaking 3? More things to collect for me haha. :p
  5. Yes, it's identical to the pickaxe and sword, but a shovel/axe.
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  6. Could you make the Book unable to be signed? I just found a signed Guide at town spawn.
  7. Nice update :)
    How can player who have already done the tutorial get the new Shovel and Axe?
    Also can we "swap" our guides for new updated ones?
  8. Good update but no fair when I started I got un breaking 1 everything and it wasn't soul bound :)
  9. I don't think we got enchantments back in the day of the old tutorial. I could be wrong though.

    Will the zombie plague settings still be remembered? I mean, even when we can't change the settings, will they still be on or off?
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  10. Yes, we will still have the zombie plague in the game, said on the removal thread I believe, and it will hopefully be able to be used in the future for fun events!
  11. When I started you only had like 1500 rupees and 0 items.
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  12. Back in the day we only got stone tools, a stack of torches, some bread, and a few saplings.
  13. yup same here
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  14. I started my days with the old starter gear... stone tools, not much interesting items there...
  15. I started in the old maze tutorial, stone tools (shivers)

    Also zombie plague isn't fully gone, if you click on which servers you want the settings to apply to, it still says zombie plague settings
  16. Back when I joined you only got 1,000 rupees and a few stone items and a sapling or two to get you started.
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  17. Plz make so u can do the tutorial again to get soul bound horse axe and shovel and guide
  18. Me too :D i accidentally clicked a R1000 donation sign.... HERP A DERPPPP
  19. Why would you bump this?!
  20. I seem to have posted on the wrong thread... i guess that i clicked on the wrong email link :p