Misc Bug Fixes Update - 4/24/18

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  1. deployed fixes to the bugs introduced to the friends system.

    as for the tutorial intro, I looked at maybe adjusting the wording/timing... and it just doesn't fit. The new placements is desired.

    I strongly disagree that someone is chatting in the tutorial is a problem. I see that as a major win and improved chance to keep them here with us.

    Our reason for this change is to give that new player a quicker view at what our community is like, and to help seal the deal on them before they quit while still in the tutorial.

    Let them see that hey there are people here incase I have a question.

    EMC Players see this "Give a warm welcome" message right beside the "has started tutorial message, so I'm fairly sure our community is smart enough to help the user understand they need to finish the tutorial first... They will see "has finished the tutorial" when that happens.

    There is enough information there for emc players to know the status of the new player, and the new player being personally engaged before they disconnect, gives us a better chance at retaining that player.

    We are not going to change the order of the wording, because I assure you the number of players we have lost in the tutorial, that might have stayed if they got engaged in a conversation with the community, greatly outnumbers any potential risk for loss over the highly unlikely theoretical scenario described above.

    Now can we improve the content of the tutorial? of course! we continue to try to find improvements here.

    But that is irrelevant to the placement of the welcome message.
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  2. That is of course entirely up to you but allow me to make a prediction: I predict an increase of new players who will end up being left in the dark after finishing the tutorial than there were before.

    That's something I spotted again last night: players who usually come out to greet a new player by going to their residence now notice that they can't (once again: not everyone reads these forums). And once the new player has finished you get to see a yellow message about that which is very easy to miss, especially when there's a lot of chatter going on. It doesn't really stand out from the rest anymore.

    Sure, I could be wrong and over time current players will of course adjust to the new situation. But even so it makes it harder for players to spot when a new player has really joined the server and actually got a residence which they can visit.

    Time will tell. Note: It's not my intention to start a whole discussion here (seems also rather pointless) but I did want to get my prediction out in the open.
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  3. There should be a feature where if they are the only person on at the time, or everyone else is away, it should give a little thing in chat: "Nobody else is on this SMP at the moment. If you would like to go to a more active SMP, please use the /server command and select a server from the menu shown."
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  4. I think it has a note about this at the end of the tutorial (it certainly used to)
  5. Or, at least, don't suggest to 'Try a different channel' when there's nobody else on.
  6. I just went through the tutorial again, and it was much better then the one i went through as a beginner, it still needs a bit of work, (the stable and chestshop examples are behind other displays), but overall it looks much better.

    P.S. Thx for removing the questions Kryssy ;)
  7. All examples are designed to be viewed from the path. If it's behind another display, you aren't looking at it from the right way.